Autopathy can make your life more enjoyable

12.6.2022 | Krystof Cehovsky

With autopathy, one can improve  quality of own life and help others. By its regular, or in some cases only occasional, practice this effect becomes clear and tangible to us. In addition to the marvelous ability of improving health, by its results, autopathy reminds us distinctly that we are not …

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Autopathy arrives where it is needed and its call is heard by people who are ready and open to it

29.3.2022 | Veronika Jandourkova

This paper was presented at the fourteenth conference (this time on Internet) on February 26, 2022

Dear friends and supporters of autopathy, I was asked to present some of my experiences from previous years at this year’s conference. So far, I have never presented any of my experiences, because I …

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Autopathy – healing depressions, experience from the praxis (video)

16.3.2022 | Krystof Cehovsky

English subtitles below. …

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Not just the warts

14.2.2022 | Dana Smetanova

Paper from the Internet conference on Autopathy 2021.

A 12-year-old boy has been suffering for about 3 years from warts, which are scattered all over his body and are constantly spreading and hurting. Despite the classic treatment at dermatologists (various lotions, burning off), which he has been patiently undergoing, the …

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Advancing a case

1.2.2022 | Krystof Cehovsky

With autopathy self-care, people sometimes improve or even cure their ailments in the first weeks. It can be incredibly easy if they follow the best practices described in books and presented in lectures. Often, they get to a stage in which the ailments have improved in the long term, but …

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Information from the 7th chakra – effect on all levels

11.1.2022 | Jiri Cehovsky

The reason for any disharmony (disorder) of the body and mind is dissonance in the reception of the life force, prana, which shapes us, endows us with consciousness, feelings, thinking, order, love and also energy or resilience. Prana, the information flow of yin and yang (a binary code in modern …

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Alternation of several types of preparation in complex cases

22.12.2021 | Jiri Cehovsky

The combination of several types of autopathy preparations is sometimes appropriate or even necessary. Here is one of the cases:

A 67-year-old woman came to see me at my counseling practice. She took part in two autopathy courses. She started with self-care 4 months ago that only helped her a …

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Prostate, back pain, 74 years

9.12.2021 | Dana Smetanova

The case was presented at the Autopathy 2021 Internet conference.

Man, doctor, now 74, non-smoker and abstinent, has been diagnosed at the age of 71 with prostate cancer.

He has subsequently undergone a radiation therapy at the regional hospital during the first quarter of 2017.

Every 14 days since the …

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He felt like when he was young

1.12.2021 | Krystof Cehovsky

One of the cases in my current practice is that of a 70-year-old man, farmer. He was registered for a consultation with me by his daughter, who uses autopathy herself and for her children.

The man is somewhat cautious and distrustful of autopathy, but he spoke openly, albeit briefly, about …

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How to use this difficult time for a positive change: A case of chronic inflammation

11.6.2021 | Jiri Cehovsky

In the summer of 2020, a tall young man of an athletic figure visited me. It was clear at first glance that he was an athlete, who exercised regularly. He takes great care of his condition, for example, he bathes in the winter in a pond following the example of …

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