A story from another world?

17.3.2023 | Jiri Cehovsky

A girl, 4 years old. Allergies, tonsillitis, bronchitis, eczema and other problems so often plaguing today’s child population – she does not know them at all. Her parents think that it is because she has been treated with autopathy for a long time, practically since birth. Autopathic preparation is used …

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Forgetting autopathy: A case of unnecessary suffering

22.2.2023 | Jiri Cehovsky

Middle-aged woman, initial interview in 2006:

Psychic problems, anxiety states. They appeare in certain periods of her life, recently she has been having really big problems. However, feelings of fear have plagued her since childhood. Her chest tightness, usually in the morning, increased anxiety, deep depression. It was the worst …

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Joint pain

1.12.2022 | Jiri Cehovsky

A woman in her 60s, clearly overweight. Her problem is arthritis, joint pain. It restricts her movement. The pain often wakes her up, she sleeps poorly.

It started in the thumb of the right hand, then four years ago, her right knee became sore – the doctor found it to …

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Persistent infection after surgery

29.10.2022 | Lenka Kolarikova

A 69-year-old man comes to me about a year after an injury – ankle fracture dislocation of the right leg after falling from a height while working at home. Personal history of asthma since youth (occasionally uses Ventolin, especially during exertion), problems with the prostate, frequent urination at night, osteoarthritis …

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Cheerfully about cancer: What can also happen during cancer treatment

20.10.2022 | Tomas Volfschutz

I presented this paper at the Autopathy conference in 2022. However, as both cases have moved on since then and I wanted it to be beneficial also for those, who have attended the conference, I have added new facts to this article.

In my article I want to present the …

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Multiple subcutaneous nodules in a dog

19.8.2022 | Tomas Volfschutz

12-year-old female dog Beauceron. The primary problem is multiple subcutaneous nodules. They have been treated surgically in the past and so it is known that they are not fatty lumps or cysts, but neoplasms, probably benign. However, due to the high cost and minimal therapeutic usefulness histology was not performed…

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My first experiences with autopathy

2.8.2022 | Monika Hadrabova

Since the beginning, I have been so excited about autopathy that I tell everyone around me about it. Some have already tried it and others know about it now.

In our family, my husband and I have started helping our bodies to achieve balance and “whole health tuning” and we …

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Autopathy can make your life more enjoyable

12.6.2022 | Krystof Cehovsky

With autopathy, one can improve  quality of own life and help others. By its regular, or in some cases only occasional, practice this effect becomes clear and tangible to us. In addition to the marvelous ability of improving health, by its results, autopathy reminds us distinctly that we are not …

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Autopathy arrives where it is needed and its call is heard by people who are ready and open to it

29.3.2022 | Veronika Jandourkova

This paper was presented at the fourteenth conference (this time on Internet) on February 26, 2022

Dear friends and supporters of autopathy, I was asked to present some of my experiences from previous years at this year’s conference. So far, I have never presented any of my experiences, because I …

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Autopathy – healing depressions, experience from the praxis (video)

16.3.2022 | Krystof Cehovsky

English subtitles below. …

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