Distance learning program

This distance learning program is especially for those who wish to begin using autopathy, but also for those who want to enhance their current knowledge.

Autopathy is a relatively simple method, which requires less knowledge than for instance herbalism or homeopathy or TCM. However, for its successful use, it is necessary to know how to do it and to understand this method. In particular its holistic nature and the fact that it is a stimulation of the subtle information system of a person, his prana, vital force, Qi, which, similarly to homeopathy, acts upon the organism in a specific way.

Distance learning procedure and what you need for it:

1. Books

The first and basic source of systematic instruction for the use of autopathy on yourself, the people around you and also in the professional counseling practice is the latest book on this topic – Autopathy Handbook: Enhancing Our Life Force; Homeopathy without homeopathic remedies and beyond that systematically summarizes findings and experiences. The book explains how we proceed in terms of a time sequence. What we will do first, what comes as second and third, how we monitor the development of the case, mistakes that must be avoided, how to handle the autopathy bottle, etc. The basic rules are graphically emphasized in the text of the book. The book provides detailed information about the method and can also serve as a source of reference to which we can return later in our practice. It contains many case studies from author’s practice and from conferences, illustrating the method.

The previously published book Get Well with Autopathy contains valuable information and dozens of case studies, descriptions of cases of significant improvement or cure of widespread “chronic” or “incurable” long-term health problems. These case studies should provide inspiration for solving similar cases in the future and explain the techniques of autopathy with which the successful results were achieved. However, Get Well does not handle the current state of the method (it was published in 2011 and has not been updated with new knowledge since then), so it is now primarily a supplementary source of information after having studied the Autopathy Handbook.

This gentle method can be applied successfully following the instructions in the books, as we know, for example, from the regular annual conferences, where many speakers have confirmed it.

2. Videos on Autopathy.com

A significant contribution to the understanding of the method and the acquisition of knowledge is made by webinars, in which Jiri Cehovsky explains to the participants the procedures and techniques of autopathy and teaches them how to orientate themselves in them when working on a specific case. Part of the teaching here also takes place in the form of answers to the participants’ questions. You can find several videos of these webinars on Autopathy.com. Especially recommended are the records of the webinars Autopathy: Self-treatment of chronic diseases and Prana healing with autopathy, which provide a comprehensive overview of the autopathic method. Also included in the webinars are case analysis, explanations of various procedures and strategies, discussions with students in response to their questions, various aspects of our activities and the correct preparation of autopathic dilutions. Dates of the planned live-webinars are regularly listed in the Events section.

Interesting is the extensive paper from an American counselor, which was presented at the Prague conference Autopathy 2019.

Recommended to study is the Testimonials section, which contains many videos with English subtitles, in which people disclose their personal experiences with defeating a chronic suffering with the help of autopathy and explain how they did it.

3. Articles on Autopathy.com

And last but not least, there is a lot of written information and study material on the pages of Autopathy.com, in the sections Articles and Cases. There are experiences and descriptions of cases from various authors.

If you enter in the search box on the homepage of the website a keyword that interests you, such as allergies, sadness or joints, you will be offered all the professional articles from the rich content of the website that contain this word (topic) and you will find out how these conditions were dealt with.

4. A three-part online teaching course

Every year Jiri Cehovsky holds a webinar course consisting of three parts. Every part lasts two hours. Part one is an introductory lesson. It provides basic knowledge necessary for practicing the method, how to use the textbook Autopathy Handbook, how to use the Autopathy bottle etc.  App. two months later, in part two, after having gathered some practical experiences, the participants go deeper into the method and learn how to deal with serious and difficult conditions.  Part three focuses on the whole of the method, how to use or alternate different methods of preparation of autopathy, how to support homeopathic (or even allopathic) cases by autopathy, and how to achieve and maintain health. Specifics of self-care. It covers also refinements and subtleties of the method.  Webinars are always interactive, students of autopathy can ask questions.

Those who visited all three parts of the course will receive after their written request a Certificate signed by Jiri Cehovsky. Their contact information can be placed (again after their written appeal) on our map of consultants.

Based on previous experience with teaching autopathy, we know that such a systematically conducted distance learning can provide a full-fledged education for the independent practice of this gentle healing method.




Webinars introducing to the basics of autopathy are organised in English for international therapists, medical practitioners and persons interested in self-healing.

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