High effectiveness of autopathy

11.1.2024 | Sofia Mattei

This paper was presented at the last Conference on Autopathy.

Good day, ladies and gentlemen, my name is Sofia Mattei and today I would like to share with you my experience of practicing autopathy. First of all, let me thank Mr. Cehovsky, both for inviting me to the conference and …

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I am a doctor, internist…

29.11.2023 | Alena Hamplova, MD

I am a doctor specializing in internal medicine and have extensive experience in autopathy, phytotherapy and reflexology. Since 2013, I have been practicing autopathy myself and on some of my clients. I have found autopathy to be effective in improving my health and in promoting personal development by altering my …

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Ending a three-month sick leave

8.11.2023 | Vladislava Bilkova

A 52-year-old lady started having problems with her left knee several years ago. The doctor diagnosed her with 2nd stage arthrosis. Every 14 days, water had to be extracted from the knee. The whole leg was painful, immobile, in earlier years the lady had erysipelas on her leg and since …

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Help for an old lady

25.9.2023 | Krystof Cehovsky

A 76-year-old lady asked me for a phone consultation, during which she told me what was bothering her.

In August 2022, she was diagnosed with nasal lymphoma, which was subsequently surgically removed. The surgery was followed by a chemotherapy treatment. Since then, for several months, she has been having difficulties …

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Self-help cure of depression and migraines after webinar on autopathy

23.8.2023 | Jiri Cehovsky

A lady over fifty came to me and explained why she did that:

She had suffered from migraines since she was twenty, for more than thirty years.

She also had severe depressions in the last year. She immediately added: “I don’t have them anymore. They passed after autopathy – and …

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If you want a healthy dog…

27.7.2023 | Tomas Volfschutz

Shortly after I got my current dog, a black Great Dane, it was obvious that he was not going to have a long, nor pleasant and healthy life. This was an unacceptable notion for me. Therefore I decided in the first place to take him to the vet only in …

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Eczema, bad health and the return to harmony

13.6.2023 | Jiri Cehovsky

The cure of eczema and other allergic conditions is not uncommon in autopathy and was reported many time at annual  conferences or on the internet. Here is another case showing that it can be done, although it may not always be a simple path.

A mother comes to my practice …

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Autopathy from chakras

31.5.2023 | Lenka Kolarikova

This paper was presented at the Autopathy Conference 2023

I am a consultant not only in autopathy, but also in homeopathy and Bach flower therapy in my consultation practice The Homeopathic Way. The topic I am going to talk about is the method of autopathy from chakras.

I first learned …

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Nine years of autopathy in the family

4.5.2023 | Kristyna Brzkova

Mrs. Brzkova’s  contribution was presented in 2023 at the 15th Autopathy conference. It was held online on January 28 with the participation of one hundred and thirty practitioners, some of whom were from the USA and Canada.

My presentation will be about our family’s nine years’ experience with autopathy. These …

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Twenty years on autopathy

16.4.2023 | Jiri Cehovsky

She first came to me in the late nineties, she was 35 years old, with 2 children. Main physical complaint – back pain in sacral region radiating to loins, getting worse when working in the kitchen, improved by hiking. After the birth of her 1st child, problems with urinating began, …

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