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29.11.2023 | Alena Hamplova, MD | alenka.hamplova@seznam.cz

I am a doctor specializing in internal medicine and have extensive experience in autopathy, phytotherapy and reflexology. Since 2013, I have been practicing autopathy myself and on some of my clients. I have found autopathy to be effective in improving my health and in promoting personal development by altering my perception of the world. In healing, the combination of autopathy and herbal medicine therapy yields almost miraculous results. I primarily use this method for myself and my family. Acute ailments can often be resolved with autopathy within two days. I use autopathy for all health problems, utilizing it in combination with herbs for respiratory infections, diarrhea, febrile illness, pain, consequences of injury, and more. The effects of autopathy arrive quickly. In cases of acute or short-term conditions, I have observed the improvements in health to be astoundingly rapid, mere hours after applying autopathy, which I always perceive as a miracle. In my experience, when the correct potency is applied, the effect of autopathy arrives within an hour (within an hour the fever subsides and does not return, and this although it has persisted over several days, irritating and suffocating cough ceases, pain is alleviated…). But it is important to identify the appropriate potency. I have also introduced this method to a few of my patients and acquaintances who have been successfully using it over an extended period. Why only a few? Because it is a method demanding patience and active approach. Yet only a small number of individuals are at ease with this approach. Chronic illnesses improve slowly over weeks, months, and even years, which poses another impediment. Many people do not have this patience. But we cannot expect that what has accumulated in our body for years, will disappear overnight.

You will not believe, for how many people this is a problem. As one lady told me: “What? Preparing something? I’m already taking drops and have a problem with remembering to take them and now this as well…I won’t do it.”

But returning to the case study. I would like to share my story. Ten years ago, I experienced a difficult time that I may not have overcome without autopathy. I don’t know where I would be today, possibly in a disability retirement. Instead, autopathy steered my life onto a fascinating pathway. My life was, and still is, closely linked with ceaseless work.  More than 20 years ago – demanding medical studies, then a stressful job in the internal medicine department at a hospital with night and weekend shifts, many serious acute conditions, resuscitation, death… This resulted in exhaustion, not enough sleep and not enough time. Then children arrived, family, and the reconstruction of a weekend cottage. This became too much for me. In 2013 I collapsed. I experienced symptoms of fatigue syndrome and depression. During that period, the depression was so profound that I was unable to do anything and could only lie in bed or go to the bathroom. I felt a great deal of spiritual pain and experienced severe apathy, which left me unable to enjoy life. At the same time, I suffered from acute joint and muscle pain, headaches (fibromyalgia?). My stomach had hurt as well.

If I had not received support from my family, I may have ended my life. So deep was the depression. I had to start taking antidepressants. After some time had passed, I reviewed my past laboratory results and examination conclusions. After evaluating everything, it became evident that my condition was caused by chronic Lyme disease, which I attempted to treat with antibiotics. However, my situation did not improve, but worsened instead.  The damage to my intestinal microflora, caused by the antibiotics, contributed to the exacerbation of my psychological problems. Moreover, it wasn’t until several years later that I discovered I had celiac disease.

Intestinal inflammation aggravated by damage to the intestinal microbiota contributed to the overall condition. Additionally, the diagnosis of celiac disease explained my lifelong abdominal pain. But I will return to my serious condition in 2012. I was incredibly sick and did not have the insights I have now. Although antidepressants reduced the deepest depression, they also caused fatigue, weakness, lethargy, and emotional blunting. My body and stomach continued to ache. I thought to myself: “Is this to be my life?” At that time, I experimented with numerous alternative forms of healing, also anti-parasite therapy, which only exacerbated my condition, causing most severe complications. However, then I met a healer who recommended to me the autopathy bottle. He spoke so passionately about autopathy that I started with it. However, the practitioner was still learning to use this method and recommended to me a potency and frequency of application that was probably excessive for my health condition. I started then with autopathy from boiled saliva at the potency of 3 liters every second day. However, this worsened my condition, causing intense pressure throughout my body and shaking. I could not remain seated or lying down. It was terrible. As a result, I stopped using the autopathic bottle. After six months on antidepressants, I resumed work at the internal medicine clinic. It was alright, but my mental state remained dismal. I subsequently sampled various techniques, including EFT (emotional freedom therapy) – employing acupuncture meridian stimulation by tapping while reciting pertinent phrases. Encouraged, I tried autopathy again.

At that time, I took an autopathic bottle that had been used six months ago the last time and prepared an autopathic dilution from boiled saliva, with 3 liters of water. Despite the bottle being old, the given potency was appropriate for my condition at the time and I experienced an unbelievable improvement within only a couple of hours of application. This resulted in a profound shift in my mood and outlook, improving my quality of life immeasurably. I could not believe it. Suddenly I felt differently. I immediately purchased fresh bottles and began testing various potencies and preparation methods, which encompassed also autopathy from prana and stool. I felt so wonderfully good as never before. I gradually discontinued all antidepressants and added to autopathy also medicinal herbs, which life unexpectedly reintroduced to me (my previous interest in them was during childhood and adolescence). I felt fantastic, full of energy, content, calm, happy and optimistic towards life. I recalled the words of the healer who introduced me to autopathy in 2013. He said that every bad occurrence, like an illness, is intended to lead us to transform or change something.  He also told me that it was now evident that my sickness was meant to lead me to autopathy. At that time, I felt unwell and doubted it. Moreover, my condition was then worsened by the wrongly selected potency. However, looking back, I must admit that it is incredible, but he was right.

I gradually completed all the autopathy courses and began practicing the method on others. However, the journey was not without twists and setbacks, although I never reached the same low point as in 2013. I had to adjust and increase the potency in various ways as the previous potencies were no longer effective. The boiled breath was my preferred method. I stayed with it and arrived at unbelievable 40-minute session under the water stream.  In 2019, I faced a challenging situation regarding my treatment, a stagnant potency, and I was unsure of the next step to take. Unfortunately, I contracted the Lyme disease the second time, which had a negative impact on my health, and the effects of the autopathy treatment have as if evaporated. I attempted a course of antibiotic therapy, which disrupted my digestive system so severely that my intestines could not digest food, and everything I ate came out undigested. I was thoroughly examined and it was then, when I discovered that I suffer from celiac disease. I kept gluten-free diet and subsequently underwent an examination of intestinal microbiome, followed by the creation of a personalized probiotic preparation. With autopathy I came to a kind of a dead end. During this time, I listened to a recording from a conference on autopathy, in which Mr. Cehovsky talked about extremely high potencies. OK, why not… I will try. I gradually increased to 60, 80, and finally 100 minutes of water flow under the filter once every six weeks. Currently breath without boiling. And yes, again unbelievable improvement.

Autopathy not only improved my physical health, but it also had a positive impact on my personality. It prompted me to change the way I work and gave me the courage and space to do what I like, and did not have courage or space to pursue in the past. I still practice classical medicine, but also became an expert in phytotherapy, created a website dedicated to healing plants, published some books, and started painting and drawing. I became one with nature and I found myself. Throughout my journey, I have met many wonderful persons, who support me in my spiritual growth.  Nevertheless, I know that autopathy has yet to reveal its ultimate benefits. Sometimes my sense of health is not absolute, but this may be the Universe telling me to slow down and rest for a while. I aim to explore also autopathy from prana. I am greatly indebted to Mr. Cehovsky and his autopathy and offer sincere gratitude.

Best regards, Alena Hamplova MD, Olomouc



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