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Since twelve years autopathy demonstrates its ability to remove or to markedly improve chronic, long-term or recurring problems. This holistic method that strengthens and harmonize basic formative and healing subtle energy in a human being, vital force, prana or chi, can restore harmony of body and mind.

There are several possibilities of how to use the beneficial effect of autopathy. Above all, it is important to know that autopathy is particularly suitable for self-treatment. From its principle it cannot have any “side-effects” on the organism. It can be a complement to any other forms of treatment. For self-treatment or treatment of others, you need to:

  • Read the book Autopathy Handbook, where are chapters on how to treat oneself or persons around you. On the basis of this information you can start to treat them with the aid of the Autopathy Bottle.


  • Attend a webinar on autopathy. Here you will enhance your knowledge of the method and learn how to conduct the treatment, starting with lighter chronic problems and progressing to more complex cases.



  • If you just want to try if autopathy does something, and do not want to read the book or travel to visit professional consultants, you can also read the simplified instructions for use and prepare the autopathic dilution with the aid of the Autopathy Bottle. You will probably discover that autopathy has ability to change to better something and then you can take up the study of the treatment or contact professional consultant.


Webinars introducing to the basics of autopathy are organised in English for international therapists, medical practitioners and persons interested in self-healing.

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Self-treatment of chronic diseases and how to use it

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