Distance learning program

7.5.2020 | Filip Cehovsky

We have launched a new distance learning program. This course is especially for those of you who wish to begin using autopathy, but also for those who want to enhance their current knowledge.

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Looking back at the conference on autopathy 2020

11.2.2020 | Filip Cehovsky

What have we learned from the twelve presentations at the recent twelfth conference? In the first place that autopathy is work, a long-term one. Before the cessation of lifelong anxieties, migraines, tiredness, gout, allergies, before the improvement of health condition of a person who has diabetes, frequent flu and colds, …

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Program of the Conference Autopathy 2020

27.1.2020 | Filip Cehovsky
The art of restoring health

We met for the twelfth time to talk about how autopathy develops in ourpractices and to learn from each other to solve our cases . We shared our experiences and deepened the know-how in this holistic field, which has the ability to improve and even …

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Gas burner for autopathy

10.12.2019 | Filip Cehovsky

At the request of autopathy users, we have added a micro-burner suitable for autopathy to our e-shop.…

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Conference Autopathy 2020

24.11.2019 | Jiri Cehovsky

The art of restoring health

On the 1st of February 2020 we will be meeting for the 12th time to talk about autopathy in our practice, so that we can learn from each other and solve our cases even more effectively. We will share experiences and deepen our knowledge in …

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12.11.2019 | Filip Cehovsky

Three two-hour webinars during which student gains knowledge required for the application of autopathy in his/her consultancy practice or for the healing of oneself, the family and friends. The webinar teacher is Jiri Cehovsky. Information here.

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Autopathy Bottle on Amazon

16.9.2019 | Filip Cehovsky

You can now buy Autopathy Bottle on

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E-book Autopathy Handbook available for download

15.8.2019 | Filip Cehovsky

E-book version of the last work by Jiri Cehovsky. Purchase it here.

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Crohn’s Disease and Autopathy

23.7.2019 | info

A new article by Jiri Cehovsky was recently published at Homeopathy For Everyone in its July issue. Visit here.

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Review of Autopathy Handbook on

27.5.2019 | Filip Cehovsky

Vatsala Sperling reviews Jiri Cehovsky’s new book ‘Autopathy Handbook’ in renown US homeopathic journal

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Webinars introducing to the basics of autopathy are organised in English for international therapists, medical practitioners and persons interested in self-healing.

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