Program of the Autopathy Conference 2023

19.1.2023 | Filip Cehovsky |

The following participants will speak at the conference:

  • Kristyna Brzkova: Nine years of autopathy in the family: Thanks to autopathy, our lives have changed! We are different, more satisfied, healthy, successful, and above all, our lives have gained a new dimension.
  • Andrea Ettensperger: A case of mononucleosis and quick cure for chronic ailments.
  • Carmel Breadner: My self-healing of several long-term chronic conditions.
  • Lenka Kolarikova, BSc (Hons): Autopathy made from body chakras.
    Two cases:
    1. Multiple and long-term chronic illnesses of a middle-aged woman – ‘…for the first time in her life she felt completely healthy’.
    2. The case of a boy with Lyme disease and psychological problems.
  • Jan Matyas, MSc: Two classic cases.
  • Ladislava Bilkova, MA: Two cases.
    1. Many years of knee problems and irregular menstruation.
    2. Reduction of problems that occurred recently to an adult woman after vaccination.
  • Vladimir Galba, MSc: The case of a boy after mushroom poisoning.
  • Veronika Kucerova, MA: 16 years with autopathy.
  • Tomas Volfschütz, MSc: Experiments with a new substance from the body. Healing a blind dog.
  • Alena Hamplova, MD.: Long-term experience with autopathy, self-treatment, personality development and the reflection on the position of autopathy.
  • Sofia Mattei: Qualitative effects of autopathy – treatment of a boy in puberty.
  • Jiri Cehovsky, MA: What has proven to be the most effective these days and what surprised and inspired us the most.

Detailed information about the conference can be found here.


Webinars introducing to the basics of autopathy are organised in English for international therapists, medical practitioners and persons interested in self-healing.

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