Autopathy Handbook:
Enhancing Our Life Force;
Holistic homeopathy without homeopathic remedies, and beyond

Autopathy is a way to health, a method that has developed out of classical homeopathy and ancient healing traditions. It stimulates the flow of subtle information called life force, prana or qi. It is not only suitable for professional practice but also for self-care. Drawing on the author´s experience of many clinical cases the book profiles this remarkable method for dealing with chronic complaints and records its outstanding results. Jiri Cehovsky has practised classical homeopathy for 35 years. He is the director of The Homeopathic Academy in Prague, where he also lectures. Since 2003 he organizes special seminars on autopathy.

This is the  third and last book on the topic and the main and complete source of information about the method.

Dr. Vatsala Sperling reviews Jiri Cehovsky’s book ‘Autopathy Handbook’ in renown US homeopathic journal

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Get Well with Autopathy

Textbook on autopathy. It contains brief system of instruction – HOW TO DO IT for healing at home or by professionals and self-healing. It presents descriptions of almost a hundred cases of healing or a marked improvement of so called “incurable” commonly occurring chronic diseases. It contains detailed information about techniques of preparation and use of autopathic dilution, as they developed in the first decade  of existence of this method.  Cases illustrating the method are different from those of  Autopathy Handbook. No. 2 to study after Autopathy Handbook.

Alan Schmukler reviews Jiri Cehovsky’s book ‘Get Well with Autopathy’ in US homeopathic journal

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 Autopathy A Homeopathic Journey to Harmony

THIRD REVISED AND EXTENDED EDITION Autopathy is a method of holistic positive influencing of human organism, from spiritual sphere to body organs that developed from classical homeopathy. In contrast to homeopathy it does not use homeopathic remedies nor the law of similars that homeopathy is based on. It is a new method, whose principles were already used in history in curing people and in veterinary practice. It is a matter of using highly diluted (homeopathically potenced) own secretions (in this book saliva) of a person that should be positively influenced. The book describes a number of cases of chronic disorders, which resisted previous thorough standard care and were markedly improved or removed with autopathy. The book deals with history, philosophy, procedures of autopathy, preparation of potenced saliva and contains also advice for autopathic self-healing. Autopathy with its spiritual philosophy is in the first place a healing method that can be used also to supplement or strengthen in many life and health situations.

The book was published as  the first work on the method and was not updated, so it contains only limited information not reflecting further development. The author recommend to study books in reverse order they appeared: 1. Homeopathy Handbook, 2. Get Well With Autopathy, 3. Autopathy: A Homeopathic Journey.

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Webinars introducing to the basics of autopathy are organised in English for international therapists, medical practitioners and persons interested in self-healing.

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