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cehovskyJiri Cehovsky discovered and started to use autopathy systematically in the year 2002. He was the first, who described it in his articles and books published in English, German and Czech languages. Some elements of his method were nevertheless used earlier. Jiri Cehovsky had found some mentions about them in old Indian Upanishads, in the history of  Yoga, Buddhism and mainly in homeopathy, however, first in 2002 he introduced autopathy as a comprehensive system of healing. He designed the Autopathy Bottle, an instrument for reliable preparation of the autopathic dilution at home. Jiri Cehovsky practiced homeopathy since 1980. Widely known are his books Homeopathy more than a cure and Autopathy – a Homeopathic Journey to Harmony, which was published also in  Germany, USA and Great Britain. His recent books are Get Well with Autopathy and Autopathy Handbook. He published many articles in Czech (Medunka, Regena, Homeopatie.cz etc.) and foreign (Homeopathic LinksHpathy.com,) magazines. He is co-author of the Czech homeopathic diagnostic software KENT and HOMEO. He teaches autopathy and homeopathy at the Prague Homeopathic Academy and lectures in courses on autopathy. Born 1947 in Prague, Central Europe.


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Alternativa s.r.o. is a company that organises activities in the area of autopathy since 2002. It was founded in 1991 by Jiri Cehovsky, who is its director responsible for the areas of homeopathy and autopathy.

In the area of autopathy we organise courses on autopathy, publish books, distribute autopathy bottles and other products connected with autopathy, we provide professional consultations and administer a website on autopathy in several languages.

In the area of homeopathy we run the Prague Homeopathic Academy, which is the largest homeopathic school in the Czech Republic with a 25 year old tradition. Its teachers are Czech homeopaths as well as renowned homeopaths  from other countries, such as Great Britain, Germany, India, the Netherlands, USA and Australia, who are also strongly interested in autopathy and its results. We run an international training program for advanced homeopaths – Advanced Studies Program in Homeopathy Prague (ASPHP).

During our twenty year old tradition we have published many professional homeopathic books that form the basic reference library of the Czech homeopaths. We have developed the first Czech homeopathic software KENT and recently the new, modern software HOMEO that draws on the large volume of homeopathic literature translated into Czech (approx. 10.000 pages). In the past we have also published the magazine Homeopatie and we operate the largest homeopathic web in the Czech Republic www.homeopatie.cz. Our e-shop  obchod.alternativa.cz is the main shop of this kind with homeopathic literature in the Czech and the Slovak Republics.

Besides the subjects homeopathy and autopathy, we have also published a large number of books in the wide area of subjects of  alternative medicine and spirituality.


Webinars introducing to the basics of autopathy are organised in English for international therapists, medical practitioners and persons interested in self-healing.

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