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Lyme disease

Dear Mr. Cehovsky,

I took part in your seminar Autopathy I. in Litomysl. I am sorry to bother you, but I cannot otherwise. I feel enormous return of life force after the application of boiled saliva + breath, 6 l.  A huge swelling of about 22 in diameter from the Lyme disease had begun to change today and for the first time after twenty years I have slept deeply and without having to go to the toilet. Gradually, all problems with my body recede.  I perceive it, I feel it. I have been using the autopathy bottle since 23.7.2018, having started with 3l boiled saliva. All is progressing well, many thanks, I want to carry on, this method of yours is great.

I wish you good health!
With respect and sincere thanks!

Your pupil.

Eczema, sleeplessness, tiredness…

Dear Mr. Cehovsky,

I do not want to ask you anything, I only want to thank you. Thanks to your book Get Well with Autopathy, I have discovered what was wrong with our three months old girl. She had eczema over her whole body, stopped laughing, did not sleep and was tired. Within one month she had jaundice and candidiasis, then acne and she also had dandruff. She suffered from yeast overgrowth in the intestinal tract causing diarrhea and permanent hunger. I bought the autopathy bottle and the book and prepared saliva from 6l for her. After this, she started smiling again and her sleep and the eczema improved. Two days later, after reading a book about parasites, I boiled the saliva and diluted it with 6l. Thereupon her condition started to generally improve. The eczema was not red anymore and did not burn so much, but had not changed yet. After the second application one week later, it started to get paler and to disappear. She still has small areas now, but in comparison to what it was in December, it is an enormous change. I supported the healing process with sugar-free and vegetarian diet.

I thank you once more for what you do. It helped our Pata very much.

I wish you a nice day,

Best regards

Iva Lednejova

Delivered 25.1.2016



From client of Iva Marcantonio


Hair loss, exhaustion, headaches and back pain

My daughter stopped breastfeeding after almost 3 years and her hair started to massively fall out (a number of her girlfriends mentioned the same problem). She was generally exhausted, suffered from recurring headaches and back pain. When her hair fell out almost completely, she finally turned to autopathy with prana. After three uses, all pains have ceased and the hair loss stopped. Soon after that, short black stubble appeared on her head.


Dear Jiri, allow me to be totally sincere.
You are a living national treasure.
After 3 weeks of autopathy from prana diluted with 20 l water, I feel that my heart is opens, I hear its voice and all my recurring anxieties are gone. I think that it is something like Rudolf Steiner wrote about in his descriptions of the streaming of etheric body. I am aware of several protectors standing behind me and my breath became much deeper. When my child was couple of months old, I had a very lifelike dream, which I remember to this day. I was sitting down and was peeling with my fingers the old, unattractive skin off my body. Underneath it was new skin – golden, elastic and glowing. I have now remembered this dream, because I am going through the same feelings.
Thank you.
I wish you peace and good thoughts.
Ana Nowakova

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