Autopathy Bottle

autopathic_bottle[1]The Autopathy Bottle  is intended for a homeopathic flux dillution  with water of organic or pranic information  of a person to a fine-matter level.  Through  resonance, the fine-matter potency  can act positively on the fine-matter (from a materialistic point of view immaterial) spiritual  organizing principle in man, vital force, prana, chi, which can gradually improve its function. The action is always dependent on the internal carmic situation of the individual.

The preparation is simple. It is usually made by the person whom application of the bottle concerns, and this in the own home environment, using several litres clean water.

The Autopathy Bottle was designed and tested in praxis by Jiri Cehovsky and is protected by copyright.

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Instructions for autopathic preparation using Autopathy Bottle


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