Three cases

17.6.2024 | Katerina Sojkova |

Case one: It happened five years ago. I was approached by a family from Southern Slovakia. Their 55 years old mother was hospitalized with the diagnosis of Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease. The doctors gave  the prognosis of a few days to live. The lady was unresponsive, on tubes. The family decided that they could give her autopathy. They started with Prana 5, saliva couldn’t be collected. At the beginning, they used the dilution half a liter of water, gradually 1 liter, up to 1,5 liters. The lady started opening her eyes first, then fixing her gaze, crying, moving her arms and legs, the feeding tube was removed. This all happened over the course of several months. In the meantime, she overcame pneumonia, switched to boiled saliva (BS). Gradually, her speech returned slightly, to the extent that she could clarify family matters. In the end it was not a happy ending, the lady died of sepsis from the bedsores. But the doctors changed the diagnosis from irreversible damage to the mildest degree of neurological damage…

Case two: Siblings, 3 and 6 years old. Threat of having their tonsils removed. Their mother decided to try autopathy as a last resort. The children were often ill with respiratory problems, both atopic from birth. They had 2 – 3x antibiotics for each illness, several times a year.  They started alternating BS and BB (boiled breath) with dilutions from 1,5 to 6 liters. During that time, the older boy developed eczema in places he used to have it often in the past. Following the classical course, he stopped being chronically ill, and when it returned, they used autopathy twice a day and it quickly passed. Every year in the summer he would get high fevers, but not this year. It was more interesting with the younger boy. He started to expel mucus so massively that he got, for example, big swellings under his eyes and the mucus pushed out through his tear ducts… he coughed up clumps of green mucus… well, it went on like that for half a year. But he wasn’t as tired as he used to be and he took it well. It’s hard to imagine what would have happened to his organism, if he had continued taking the ATBs for years… The kids are healthy now, even in the winter, and of course they kept their tonsils.

Case three: Eight-year-old girl, often ill with recurrent abdominal pain. I knew from iridological examination that she had inherited problems, mainly with connective tissue. At her age, she already had a significantly curved spine. Therefore, they started on 1,5 liters of boiled saliva with breath (BSB). After the second application, massive hair loss began. Her mother was distressed about it, but they continued. The hair loss continued intensively for about a week and then it stopped. The long-haired girl lost a lot of hair, they came to me for a consultation. Gradually they went up to 4,5 liters, hair started to grow back, the abdominal problems and pain improved. Then the holidays came and I didn’t hear from them again. Therefore, do not be scared of the initial problems, which in this case were really unpleasant.


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