Prana from the 3rd chakra and alternating boiled breath and breath

3.6.2024 | Krystof Cehovsky |

A 61-year-old man, a teacher by profession, initially contacted me in 2021 for consultation regarding the following physical ailments: He cannot walk much and has been diagnosed with third-degree hip osteoarthritis. He prefers driving everywhere and at most crosses the street to the store, feeling sharp pain with every step. He has a tendency towards constipation, with bowel movements averaging once every three days. I recommended a breath preparation without boiling, alternating with breath preparation with boiling. Initially, 4.5 liters, increasing to 6 liters every other day after a few weeks.

During the follow-up consultation, he reported that the hip pain had reduced by a third and his bowel movements had changed to diarrhea, which lasted for two days before normalizing. Bowel movement frequency became once daily. I advised him to continue using 6 liters of autopathy only twice a week, noting that the damaged joint would require much more time to regenerate due to the diagnosis.

A check-up two months later revealed that he had postponed his hip surgery— the pain was even less intense than before, and he had started taking regular hour-long walks, finding joy in the movement. However, he experienced daily heartburn and stomach cramps for the past month, especially after eating, with these sensations lasting for over an hour before subsiding. He had his gallbladder removed years ago and occasionally suffered from diarrhea several times a day. Given the positive development in his hip, I did not consider it appropriate to adjust the dosage or change the potency. Normally, I would, but at that time, I had several references from people who benefited from taking information from the chakra that governs the specific affected area of the body. This information is potentiated and then returned to the site of extraction or the 6th chakra.

At that time, I had good experiences in my practice with this preparation, for instance with people suffering from joint pain, migraines, extrasystoles, and other chronic issues. Therefore, I suggested he continue using the breath preparation as before, 6 liters. Additionally, he was to incorporate an AP preparation by extracting information from the third bodily chakra (solar plexus) by first pouring a little water into the vortex chamber of the bottle, holding the vortex chamber with water for 2 minutes over the solar plexus area, just above the navel, and then pouring 6 liters of water through. This potency had been consistently effective for him. The preparation was applied by dripping it on the abdomen (again in the area of the 3rd chakra), leaving a bit of water in the bottle, and holding it again for another half a minute in front of the abdomen in the area of the 3rd chakra. He was advised to prepare this solution whenever sudden pain or cramps in the abdomen occurred. Applying AP directly at the moment of exacerbated symptoms has proven effective with this preparation. I interpret this by suggesting that the current information about the worsened state is transferred into the bottle, thereby enabling the vital force to more accurately target the ongoing issue.

At a follow-up after two months, he reported that he initially made the preparation almost daily and noticed several times that the stomach problems subsided much faster than without using this method. After ten days, the stomach issues disappeared entirely. He extended his walks, managing to walk up to 6 kilometers. He worked in the garden and tolerated a greater range of hip movement well. He ultimately decided not to undergo surgery and to continue aiding himself with natural treatment methods and autopathy. It was recommended to continue alternating B and BB once a week, always 6 liters, as there is a clear long-term resonance with his vital force for various types of preparations.


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