Experience with high potencies in autopathy

24.4.2024 | Zdenka Gabelova | Zdenka.Lundakova@seznam.cz

One of the papers presented at the January 2024  international online conference


Dear friends, I would like to share with you my experiences with autopathy, and especially with the use of high potencies (dilutions), which have proved to be effective in several of my cases and moved stagnant development towards recovery. At the same time, however, I want to state that high potencies are not universal solution for everyone. Caution is required with the elderly and also with people with low vitality.

Boiled saliva and breath

I have been using autopathy for 12 years. Over a few years before that, I had health problems following Lyme disease. I had symptoms such as tingling and weakness in my limbs, pain in the joints, significant fatigue and difficulty concentrating. And subjectively, I didn’t feel well at all. All these problems intensified after the birth of my first daughter, when twice in a short period of time I had facial nerve paralysis. That’s when I first started with autopathy – back then boiled saliva diluted by 3 liters water. My problems began to gradually improve, to the boiled saliva I added boiled breath and gradually increased dilution to 40 liters over the course of five years. During this time, I gave birth to two more children and everything went without any complications. However, the aforementioned problems have been only improved rather than solved. Then I was inspired by Jiri Cehovsky’s Autopathy Handbook, where he writes about increasing the potency when the case is not developing enough and also about the fact that the decision to increase is often associated with some kind of fear in people. I started increasing the potency of boiled saliva and breath applied at the same time (BSB). I was increasing gradually by 10 liters and when I reached 100 liters, by 25 liters. Only at the potency of 250 liter did I feel a significant change. Within about 6 years from this moment, I got to 700 liters, which suits me and I can say that the most of the aforementioned difficulties have practically disappeared. I use this potency about once every 3 months and combine it with Prana. Now I have 3 children and I am in my 3rd year studying a single major in psychology at UPOL (Palackeho University in Olomouc), which would have been unthinkable before.

Acute cases at high potencies

Over the years, I have also had several experiences with acute conditions. The first time it was a sinus infection. I have seen that the application of a very high potency will rather worsen the acute condition. Then I tried using 6 liters of BSB (boiled saliva and breath) in an acute condition and after about 12 hours started to feel the first signs of relief. Every day I increased by about 3 liters. This treatment lasted about a week and the sinus inflammation was gone. I followed the same procedure for tooth inflammation and the result was also good. When I felt that the acute condition receded, I took the high potency again.


About 6 years ago, I started testing preparations from Prana. After that, my concentration and overall life feeling improved even more. With Prana, I have reached over the years 500 liters. I feel subjectively very good and, for example, do not experience too much stress during the exam period. The frequency of application is also roughly three months. Subjectively, I have also tested that the application of prana in high potency first and after about 2 weeks the application of boiled breath with saliva works better.

Experiences of my clients

Also for some of my clients, the improvement became more pronounced or the difficulties disappeared only after crossing the 100-liter mark. I successfully treat my family, where I also use very high potencies. But I repeat again that this is certainly not a universal procedure and if low potencies work for someone, there is no reason to increase them! I would be careful with old people and people with low vitality, or at the beginning of the treatment. Here an experience from practice: when one of my clients, who was 3 months pregnant, increased the potency to 80 liters and the next day she had a slight bleeding, we went back to the original potency of 50 liters, which it remained until the end of the pregnancy. Also in such cases you need to proceed very carefully. Increase potency gradually and start with the low ones.


To conclude, I would like to express big thanks to Jiri Cehovsky, who helped many people with his discovery and literally influenced their destinies. I am happy to see that this method is spreading around the world and I believe that its potential is really great. Thank you for your attention!


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