Nine years of autopathy in the family

4.5.2023 | Kristyna Brzkova |

Mrs. Brzkova’s  contribution was presented in 2023 at the 15th Autopathy conference. It was held online on January 28 with the participation of one hundred and thirty practitioners, some of whom were from the USA and Canada.

The author, pohoto from Zoom.My presentation will be about our family’s nine years’ experience with autopathy. These were small miracles that our family has become so accustomed to that we already take them for granted as part of our lives.

Before I sat down at my laptop, I reached for our diaries about autopathy, we all keep notes to this day, and when I opened my daughter’s diary, whom I spoke about at the conference in 2016, I saw that the first entry there is dated June 25, 2014. Yes! It’s been almost 9 years.

My daughter was 8 years old then, today she is already a 15-year-old teenager, and we haven’t been to the doctor for the whole 9 years, neither she, nor her brother who is two years younger, nor me or my husband. Autopathy has become a faithful guide and carer of our health. We started with AP mainly because our daughter who had been very sick, and at the same time, my son and I also started using it. At first, my husband looked at my activities with great distance, but when he saw the results, how our daughter was getting better before his eyes and how she was actually changing her sullen nature, he began to watch us more closely. After less than a year of our first application, he came to me one day and asked me if I could also give him one bottle, that he would like to try it…well, and to this day autopathy stayed with us. He even confided in me that the overall changes were so significant, and by that he meant my, my daughter’s and my son’s behavior and mindset, that we were changing before his eyes as personalities, and in the first months he was even afraid that I went crazy and that I am someone else. After a while, when he settled everything in his mind and assessed what had happened and how he felt about us all, he decided to jump on the wave of health and to change with us. In the first years we all cleansed ourselves of our deposits and reverse symptoms appeared, the bodies cleansed themselves and the vital energy rose, and I still remember that after 2 years of using AP, one day in the morning I said to myself in the mirror that I looked different and when I thought how, it occurred to me that I finally look healthy!!!!! And yes, it was only after those two years that I saw my face showing health. It was a beautiful feeling.

I had another interesting observation with our children, who went to kindergarten and school at that time and, as is usual in these institutions, from autumn to spring, were full of viruses, coughs, sore throats, … and all sorts of things. I am convinced that children are not sick because they have been attacked by germs, but that to blame is the collective consciousness, saturated with sickness and all those germs in name only. The child itself is clean, healthy, and if its essence – a thread of divinity in it – is connected to the pure essence of being or the Source, the Spirit… no matter what one calls it (autopathy actually restores this connection), then no bacterium or anything else will bring you down. But if the child, under the pressure of the environment, shifts its thread and connects to the egregore of collective consciousness, then there is a disease. That’s why as soon as I noticed any, even small, discomfort in our children, we immediately made an AP preparation of the same potency as we were currently on, and our children simply did not have any complains, even when everyone around them sneezed and sputtered. When there was an occasional runny nose and fatigue, AP and 1-2 days’ rest at home were enough and everything was nice and well again. In fact, we all still use this strategy today.

Another interesting observation is that high potencies above 30 l (breath, prana) are good for my husband and son, and they both use them, when they feel psychological discomfort…, in essence, both are still physically healthy, any disharmony they experience demonstrates itself through the psyche and if they react and use AP, they continue to be healthy.

My daughter and I have it the other way around, we strive on low potencies (6-12 l) and use boiled saliva and boiled breath. Disharmony demonstrates itself first in the physical body, and when we feel any slight problem, it is enough to repeat the current potency and everything is fine-tuned again. When the problem is more pronounced, we use a slight reduction in potency. Furthermore, we have noticed that it takes me and the children up to 6 hours after use for the AP to have effect, my husband uses mainly prana and says that he feels relief as soon as he lifts the autopathy bottle over his head… I can confirm this, after the use of AP he is a different person, calmed and relieved. Although we thrive and do well in life and in health, and our large families from both sides are watching, seeing, and even though we have told them many times about AP (and perhaps they even believe us and say that they understand what we are saying to them), even so, everyone continues taking their koldex, antibiotics… What can I say??? Maybe it’s just that if the soul is not ready, it doesn’t hear, doesn’t understand…, people (and their souls) simply don’t have the courage to take on the responsibility for their health, and sometimes even their lives. They are afraid of everything, that it might not work, that people would think that they are crazy, that…that…

But not to be so pessimistic. We have a few friends who know us and I helped them set up AP for the whole family. They asked for it and took the initiative in full measure.

Thanks to autopathy, our lives have changed! We are different, satisfied, healthy, successful and most importantly, a new dimension in life has opened to all of us: a growing inner world… Whoever discovers it, will find that it is far greater, more beautiful and fuller than the one that surrounds us.


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