Eczema, bad health and the return to harmony

13.6.2023 | Jiri Cehovsky |

The cure of eczema and other allergic conditions is not uncommon in autopathy and was reported many time at annual  conferences or on the internet. Here is another case showing that it can be done, although it may not always be a simple path.

A mother comes to my practice with her 2-year-old son. He has eczema on his cheeks, neck under the chin, the back of his right knee and he is always scratching, even where the eczema is not visible, for example on the back of his neck, on his ears and on his head, it itches him there.

The problem is aggravated by frequently reoccurring runny nose, cough and fever. He is healthy for a week and sick for a fortnight. Every time he has an infection like this, it gets worse than the last time. At the time of the visit, he has a cold, cough and aggravated eczema, which first appeared in the fourth month when the boy was nursing and the mother ate a tangerine. The eczema has persisted since he was a year and a half. His parents do not give him medication or medicated ointments, and have refused corticosteroids.

He has bad temper, if something is not his way he lies down on the floor and throws himself about, or wakes up at night screaming in rage, his mother can’t even touch him.

My advice was: Boiled saliva, 6 liter dilution in Autopathy Bottle, once a fortnight.

Follow-up consultation in one and a half month:

Before the first application of autopathy, his neck under the chin was red and suppurated, after the application it disappeared by the next day and has not returned in such a bad form. Now he has drier skin there that is pink, not red like before.

During the last one and a half month, he has had symptoms of a cold or cough only twice, and these passed quickly, lasting altogether only 3 days.

He no longer scratches his ears, he rubs his eyes and under his chin sometimes, but much less than before.

His temper has been greatly modified.

His mother had made for herself autopathy from boiled saliva, 6 liters – it immediately manifested itself in that they no longer had any conflicts with each other, they both calmed down.  In cases of chronically ill children, I sometimes recommend to the mothers to use autopathy too. There is a subtle connection between them, and the state of one affects the state of the other.

Recommendation: AUTO with dilution of 12 liters,  boiled saliva, single use.

Consultation in 3 months:

At the time of application of autopathy the skin on his neck was drier and itchy and he had pimples in his armpits – this disappeared within a week. Then temperature up to 39,5° C, cough and runny nose appeared and the rash on the neck under the chin worsened, itching. He also became angry.  But within a week of becoming ill he was healthy, only the drier skin on neck under the chin remained.

They repeated the 12 liter dilution of boiled saliva. Nothing happened at first, but after a week the rash changed to small pimples on the neck under the chin and on the face, not red, not inflamed, it is a little bumpy, but normally colored skin and sometimes exceptionally itchy. One day he had suddenly a temperature of 38,5°C, the next day it was fine. There was also a cough and runny nose that day.

Mentally, he has improved again.

The mother has unsuccessfully been trying to get pregnant for six months, but got pregnant after having made for herself 6 liter dilution of boiled saliva.

Recommendation: wait, do not apply anything, observe the development.

Consultation in 3 weeks:

The mother writes that the eczema has worsened, it is red and itchy, he has been scratching it. Otherwise, the boy is healthy. She asks if she should apply boiled saliva 12 liters. We see that there has not yet been a situation where a “wait and watch” system could be switched to. Recommended 15 liter dilution of boiled breath (change of preparation method and increase in potency).

Consultation in 14 days:

Twelve days ago, the mother applied 12 l boiled saliva, but it is still bad, the eczema persists. She didn’t listen to my advice to use 15 liters boiled breath. I think this affected further development negatively for a while, as we will see. I do not try at all costs to impose on the client exactly what to do with autopathy. It would probably be very tiring, and after all, people have to find their own journey, or their child’s journey, themselves. It is mostly a self-help treatment and the consultant just gives advice.

But the boy still has no illnesses and he had none during the winter except for less than a week – a change!

If there is no improvement within 4 days, return to the 6 liters boiled saliva once a week – bring to a boil and dilute.

Consultation in month and a half:

The mother was applying 6 liters boiled saliva once a week, after the third dose it got better so she stopped, a fortnight after the last dose it got worse again and so they repeated it again and it got better.

The boy improved a lot psychically at the very beginning of application of autopathy and this continues, he stopped being angry and he and his mother are now “great friends”, he is cooperative.

He had not been ill, except for less than a week in March.

To continue with 6 liters boiled saliva.

Consultation in 9 months after the last one:

The boy’s condition has improved, but two months ago it got worse and in September there was severe eczema all over the body, although they used 6 liters boiled saliva – but they did not contact me.

The allergist found many food and pollen allergies: fruits, vegetables, birches, etc. They used corticoid cremes on him. They stopped giving him foods to which he was allergic. But nothing improved.

The mother was advised by an acquaintance that she should apply boiled breath (but I advised this much earlier, a pity that she didn’t listen to me), a month ago she started applying 2 liter dilution boiled breath daily, it worked, the eczema receded. One can only see it a little now, but the neck under his chin itches, also the back of the knees and the genital.

Recommended was to use it once a week, always repeating the same twice: 3,5 liters boiled breath, then 5 liters, but if it works, to stay with the effective dilution.

Consultation in 2 months:

They applied 3,5 liters boiled breath, used it more often, once every 3 days and gradually increased up to 6 liters.

Three weeks ago, he caught (rarely) a cold – the mother applied 2 liters, 3x – he got over it within 5 days – it was runny nose and cough, no temperature, otherwise he had not been acutely ill for a long time, he used to be ill “almost all the time” before autopathy.

But the mother had a cold, a rhinitis. She applied 2 liters of boiled saliva a few days ago and also her milk production improved. She will increase dilution by a liter once a week, boiled breath.

Eczema: Only a little rough skin on the neck under the chin, the back of the knee, elbows – it is not visible and it doesn’t itch.

March and April used to be bad for coughs and colds and it is here again, but now he does not have it, just a bit of runny nose, only sometimes. He hasn’t been angry for a long time.

He scratches himself about once a day, although there is nothing there.

Recommendation: 6 liter dilution boiled breath once every 14 days.


  1. Twice in one and a half years of autopathy he had short acute problems lasting one week or less, previously permanently recurring acute problems.
  2. From the beginning there was no inflamed eczema, but it returned temporarily for two months at the end of a nine-month period when I was not consulted, after which it disappeared again, it is not visible or bothersome.
  3. Since the beginning of autopathy, the boy’s psyche has improved and he is without problems in this respect, he was a problem child before.
  4. The mother’s own use of autopathy has contributed to the boy’s healing.

It is reported that up to a half of today’s children suffer from allergies.


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