7.3.2016 | Romana Kopeckova

A paper resented at the VIII Conference on Autopathy, on the 30.1.2016 in Prague

A man, 24 years of age, healthy. Does not take any medicaments. However, at the end of January and the beginning of February, first symptoms occurred, which were not paid sufficient attention to. It was mainly …

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Autopathy in Austria

12.2.2016 | Michaela Gebert

Presented at the 7th Conference on Autopathy, Prague 2015

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

In my contribution, I would like to present my own experiences with autopathy, as well as experiences of other persons, whom I had met through autopathy and whom I advise on its use.

I first encountered the …

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New Year‘s Eve theme: female dog, panic fear attacks during storms, fireworks and explosions

28.12.2015 | Liba Vankova

Cindy, female dog, 8 years, a crossbreed of Border Collie and Flat-Coated Retriever.

Fear of fireworks, explosions, storms. When outside, when something explodes (petards, fireworks), she runs home and does not come when called. She runs across the street, which she usually would not do. When inside the flat, she …

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Migraines, depression, anxiety and food intolerance

23.10.2015 | Iva Marcantonio

The letter from the client of Iva Marcantonio, autopathy counsellor based in London

I have had migraines since I was 18 years old and have had at least one a week since I was in my late 20’s. I am now 44. I have also suffered from anxiety and depression …

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Application of autopathy against American gooseberry mildew

7.8.2015 | Tamara Krejcarova

During the last 10 years, all gooseberry bushes in my father’s garden were affected by the mildew and were in a very bad shape. They were brown and shrivelled and they gradually died, because my father did not do anything about it.

Three years ago, I inherited the garden and …

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Condition after an ischemic stroke

24.7.2015 | Dr. Martina Kormundova

From the Conference on Autopathy 2015

A woman, 68 years of age. In July 2014 – sudden headaches, disorientation, inability to express herself, slurred speech. She is submitted to the Intensive Care and Diagnostic Centre of the FNHK (University Hospital Hradec Kralove), where she undergoes thrombolysis for ischemic stroke. Without …

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Chance for a new life (a case of depression)

6.6.2015 | Marie Tajslova

From the conference on autopathy 2015

I wish you a good day with autopathy. I would like to share with you what I would call a very unusual experience from my praxis. Usually, the client visits me or phones me. This time, a woman, 69 years old, was brought to …

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Healing in own family

27.4.2015 | Alena Macuchova

Contribution from the Conference on Autopathy 2015, Hotel Pyramida, Prague

I have been using autopathy actively as a healing procedure in my own family and people close to me for just under a year. Although I believe that illness is an indicator for us to stop or to change something …

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The message from London: A problem of conceiving a baby

23.4.2015 | Iva Marcantonio

This lady had a problem of conceiving a baby. After 1 months of Autopahic treatment she felt pregnant. She also has alopecia and irritable bowl syndrome as well as many other chronic problems. We started on autopathic preparation from prana, application on 7 and  6 chakra on 1,5 litres. Gradually …

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Twelve years of experience

15.3.2015 | Giovanni Sammartino

Contribution from the Conference on autopathy 2015

I will present three cases, although in the wider circle of my family and friends there are many more, starting from small children barely able to spit into the bottle to a grandmother of 80 years, who after boiled breath (1,5 l 1x …

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