Treatment of serious condition – rejection (liquidation) of a transplanted organ by own immune system

16.2.2015 | Iva Tauchmanova

Presented in the 7th Conference on autopathy, January 2015

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to share with you my experiences in healing with the aid of autopathy. I have undergone a kidney transplantation 8 years ago. Before this, both my kidneys were not functional and I had been …

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Secondary epilepsy following bacterial meningitis

3.2.2015 | Dr. Martina Kormundova

Contribution from VII Conference on autopathy, 31st of January 2015 in Prague

A young man, 24 years, suffers from epilepsy of the type GM since his 12th year of age, when he had acute pan-sinusitis – i.e. inflammation of the maxillary, frontal and ethmoidal sinuses, complicated by inflammation of the …

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Diabetes II: Return to health after first weeks of using autopathy

19.11.2014 | Krystof Cehovsky

Man of 50 years of age came to me for consultation in the middle of May. Seven years ago he was diagnosed with type II diabetes – lowered sensitivity of body tissues to insulin. Since the medical diagnosis he has been taking all the time Amaryl, 3x a day. The …

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Three cases

2.10.2014 | Miroslava Valigurova
1. Burnout, tiredness, loss of appetite, lack of strength to change anything, lack of satisfaction in the intimate sphere

A client around forty years of age comes to me with the following problems: since 2 months she has been repeatedly ill, took antibiotics. It started after the vacation, when she …

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Autopathy and small burns

1.9.2014 | Iva Tauchmanova

Hello friends of autopathy,

I would like to share with you an experience I have made that autopathy can be used in an acute state of damaged skin through burns.

One day after the accident before application of autopathy, burn through hot source, direct contact with red-hot metal on a …

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The creative uses for autopathy are endless

14.8.2014 | C L

You might be interested in a few of my experiences with autopathy:

I am quite sure I have eliminated my reaction to poison ivy with autopathy, as well as improved my tolerance for vigorous exercise.

With my last poison ivy flare up (rhus tox has never helped to calm or …

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Slipped disc – a treatment over distance

27.6.2014 | Marie Tajslova

Contribution from the 6th conference on autopathy, February 2014

 Greetings to all present. My name is Marie Tajslova and my occupation is the healing of the spirit, but because the body and the spirit are connected, I also heal the body. Since six years, I start each treatment with a …

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Spinal disorder

5.5.2014 | Jana Polokova

A contribution from the 6th conference on autopathy, February 2014 – a personal case history


In childhood I suffered from frequent anginas – at the age of three I had a tonsillectomy surgery, until the age of eleven frequent disorders of the upper respiratory tract, inflammation of the nasopharynx.… Read more

Healing of epilepsy

24.4.2014 | Katerina Uhrickova

The female client, over 20 years old, came to me at the end of the year 2012 because of epileptic seizures from which she suffered since she was seventeen. The seizures came on average every 14 days, and this during the day and also at night. When it arrived during …

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Cured eczema

18.3.2014 | PhD Katerina Javorska

Contribution from the VI. Conference on autopathy, February 2014

 My test “patient” was a relative of mine. Suddenly an eczema appeared on her hands, which was unpleasant not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also demonstrated itself through itching and pain. The pain was considerable and so at …

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