Alternation of several types of preparation in complex cases

22.12.2021 | Jiri Cehovsky |

The combination of several types of autopathy preparations is sometimes appropriate or even necessary. Here is one of the cases:

A 67-year-old woman came to see me at my counseling practice. She took part in two autopathy courses. She started with self-care 4 months ago that only helped her a little. For clarity, I numbered the symptoms (the individual problems, deviations from good health) that she suffered from and told me about. In my conclusion I will return to the individual symptoms to summarize how her life has changed in one year of autopathy. So here is a list of her current and mainly long-term afflictions at the time, which I recorded in the order of the woman telling me about them.

1) Lupus erythematosus, an autoimmune disease, has been diagnosed by doctors 12 years ago. 2) All this time, 12 years, her stomach has been hurting day and night. 3) The joint on the big toe of her right foot has increased in size. 4) Teeth hurt, but there are no inflammations or caries. 5) She sleeps badly, only 3 to 4 hours a night, she falls asleep early, but wakes up in 2 to 3 hours to urinate, 6) her bladder hurts at night and then she cannot sleep for several hours. Only towards the morning she falls asleep for a while. 7) Years ago, she was diagnosed at endocrinology with a thyroid disorder, has nodules there and a growth that is palpable. 8) Joints and knees hurt. 9) She has dry mouth and has to moisturize her lips. 10) She has been feeling suppressed anger for the whole 12 years. 11) She used to have constipation, it improved after autopathy. She suffers from strong flatulence, especially after milk. 12) She is full of great fears and various, even minor, events exacerbate it. 13) She has double vision in the left eye. 14) Since a long time, she has been suffering from stiffness, can’t bend down, and 15) from chronic fatigue, although it has improved somewhat recently.

Initially she used autopathy once a week, alternating boiled saliva and boiled breath, 1,5 liters, then switched to one liter every day and then every other day, then she added Prana, 1,3 l, and alternated once saliva, once breath and once Prana. Now she alternates 2 l Prana 1 and 1 l boiled breath or boiled saliva every second day.

She feels slight improvement in her psychic condition from the beginning of using autopathy, she keeps more on top of things. Constipation is improved, also the fatigue, although both still remain. She was in a better mood after taking Prana, “I could have sung for an hour after having used Prana”, she first took 3 liters, but after reducing for unknown reasons the amount of water to 2 liters, her mood got a little worse, but she still keeps on top of things concerning her feelings.

She made some mistakes in self-care, even though she was warned about them in the courses. She unnecessarily reduced the dilution – which is the exact opposite of the rule, which says: Repeat the same dilution as long as it leads to improvement, only when the improvement stops, increase by 1,5 liters of water. The effect of autopathy had therefore decreased. However, her choice of alternating the preparation from the 7th chakra with boiled breath or boiled saliva was the right one. While boiled saliva and boiled breath have a cleansing effect, Prana  forwards from the high chakra  the organizational image to the body of what it should correctly look like, the architecture of a healthy organism, coming from the universal Source.

And so I recommended to her: Increase to 3 l boiled saliva and alternate with Prana 3,  for the first use apply also to the 7th chakra, the subsequent ones only to the 6th and lower, after three weeks increase by 1,5 l, use once a week or more often if needed. Therefore, to return to the level of dilution that worked best and at the same time involve in the application of Prana 3 all body chakras, not just the sixth.

During the next consultation in less than 2 months, the lady says:

She was still using preparations from 3 liters. Her hands feel often cold, especially her left one. Sleep has improved “somewhat”, she wakes up briefly once or usually twice a night, but sometimes she does not wake up at all and sleeps the whole night. She has been sleeping 8 hours a night recently, her sleeping time got “a little”(!) longer (she used to sleep 3-4 hours a night before). The client’s careful underestimation of various improvements is not a rare phenomenon in the consulting practice. It seems as if the lady does not want to scare away the favorable development. She says that she is having difficulty breathing, it is not a serious complaint, but rather a mention on a conversational level. Occasionally there is a sharp pain above the navel and the abdomen hurts more, but the bloating has improved a little. She doesn’t talk about her other previously reported problems, so I can indirectly conclude that they don’t bother her so much. According to Hering’s Laws of holistic treatment, the pathology is dealt with first in the mind, her sleep adjusted to normal in the first place, and with that the fatigue has decreased and her feeling of life quality has improved.

And so I recommended alternating boiled breath and saliva (BSB) with Prana 5 once every 3 days, both 3 l.

Consultation in 2 and a half months:

She continued with autopathy, as agreed. Her stomach no longer hurts during the day, but only at night. A month after the last consultation, she decided to replace BSB with autonosode (a piece of her own stool rinsed in a little water and then one drop of this water boiled in the autopathy bottle, like boiled saliva, and diluted  with 3 l (see Autopathy Handbook, p. 231) . The stomach stopped hurting about 10 days after the autonosode, it is good since a month ago. The stool is unformed, once or twice a day, after the first application it was deep yellow. There is no more constipation. So, after twelve years of this suffering, she finally has peace. She alternated the autonosode with Prana, once every 3 days, but after some time it was replaced by boiled breath, still 3 l. Sleep is still good. At night she has pain in the crook of her arm. She is more relaxed. Cholesterol has dropped a lot in recent medical tests, it is almost on the verge to normal. Her knee hurts, an old symptom from the past. Dry mouth has improved by 25 %. Flatulence after drinking milk persists. She had a nodule on her thyroid gland that had been palpable for years, and now she can’t feel it. Double vision on the left eye persists, she has it since several years.

Recommendation: Autonosode 4,5 l once every 4 days and once every 14 days Prana 5 also 4,5 l. As long as there is liquid stool and flatulence, use a preparation from stool. The slight increase in potency by 1,5 liters was because we want it to have a deeper effect, but at the same time moving only a little away from the level, which works well just now and directs the body towards greater harmony.

Consultation in 2 and a half months:

The lady reports: Sleep has improved, she wakes up briefly once a night. The stool has improved a little, it is still too thin, but not as before, 1-2 times a day. Varicose veins in the legs – are more visible than when she came to me, a weak symptom, which she has not even mentioned the first time. Double vision in the left eye – only on close examination, otherwise she is not aware of it. The joints have improved – the elbows no longer hurt, but the big toe knuckle on the right foot makes problems (Hering’s rule – from above downwards – confirms that development is going in the right direction). Sometimes she experiences a twitch or has a feeling as if she’d got a slight electric shock – she’s had always had this, but never mentioned it before. As the harmonization progresses, we are now talking about minor negative phenomena and feelings, instead of discussing serious issues. Teeth and gums have not hurt for a long time. She says that she does not suffer from fear so much anymore, she is more balanced. She has not problems with breathing.

And so after a year of autopathy let’s make a summary of the lady’s condition from a holistic point of view. We simply compare the initial symptoms, each single one, with their current condition:

1) Lupus – we do not know; she has not had a medical examination or she did not mention it. 2) The abdomen no longer hurts, it hurt for 12 years (since the same time when lupus was diagnosed.) 3) The joint of the big toe no longer increases. 4) Teeth and gums no longer hurt. 5) Originally poor sleep, only 3 to 4 hours, with interruptions, – since a long time she has been sleeping normal length of time or longer, 8 hours, as if she wanted to catch up on those earlier years. 6) The bladder also does not hurt, neither during the day nor at night. 7) The thyroid gland does not demonstrate itself; I do not know if the woman had it checked, the growth that used to be palpable is no longer there. 8) Elbows and knees no longer hurt, significant improvement in joints, according to the process of Hering‘s Laws, there is a chance that also the problem with the thumb will stop. 9) She no longer has dry mouth. 10) She no longer has suppressed anger and the psychic condition is generally much better. 11) The long-term constipation is gone. 12) The great fear she suffered from turned into a life almost without fear. 13) Double vision lasts in one eye, but only upon detailed examination, otherwise she does not know about it. 14) The general long-term stiffness of the joints and back is no longer there. 15) Permanent long-term fatigue – gone. She has enough energy.

Conclusion: With the exception of two things that appear in the tests (whose subsequent results I know nothing about) and an aching thumb, the long-term health problems of the lady approaching almost seventy are mostly gone in 1 year of holistic healing. Such speed and completeness of healing is not that common, especially at this age – but that’s how it sometimes works. Her life enjoyment has changed significantly. The lady studied the method, learned to observe her feelings and respond to them, and so I think that this could be the reason why she didn’t come anymore.


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