My first experiences with autopathy

2.8.2022 | Monika Hadrabova |

Since the beginning, I have been so excited about autopathy that I tell everyone around me about it. Some have already tried it and others know about it now.

In our family, my husband and I have started helping our bodies to achieve balance and “whole health tuning” and we both notice that after using autopathy our mood improves almost immediately, my husband suddenly sleeps the whole night and doesn’t have the nagging thoughts of what everything he must do.

I also instructed my mother in the use of autopathy. She is 82 years old, vital, just had trouble with sleeping and could not fall asleep without medication. Nowadays she hasn’t been taking these medications for about 5 months and falls asleep easily, waking up between 6 and 7 in the morning. I perceive that her mood and zest for life have improved. Also the frequent back and joint pains have stopped.  As soon as she feels that she is not quite fit – either physically or psychically – she simply takes “the bottle” and makes a 3-liter boiled breath for herself. She has a second bottle already. She started with 1,5 l, and we recently increased the dilution to 3 l because the effectiveness of the previous dilution was decreasing.

In the course of the year, I have prepared autopathy twice for my granddaughter, for rhinitis, each time it was successful.

Following my advice, a friend had used autopathy for her two daughters, who both suffered from molluscum. It completely disappeared in the older girl after one use of boiled breath 6 l, the younger one I am still treating for it.

A colleague of mine used autopathy because of frequent gallbladder attacks, she had gallstones.  Her condition always improved after each use and she was almost pain-free until the surgery date. She appreciated the most that she was in good mood and not afraid of the surgery.

I want to thank you again, your autopathy is extremely valuable and effective.


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