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12.6.2022 | Krystof Cehovsky |

With autopathy, one can improve  quality of own life and help others. By its regular, or in some cases only occasional, practice this effect becomes clear and tangible to us. In addition to the marvelous ability of improving health, by its results, autopathy reminds us distinctly that we are not just bio-mechanical machines without a soul – as it is fiercely and sometimes even ridiculously maintained by state supported institutions, and that we are organized by a higher principle, which is immaterial and whose attunement directly determines the state of our own physical and mental health.

In short, autopathy is a practical tool that can reduce the suffering of human existence to a minimum. I will show you the truth of this thesis using the case of a man who was pleasantly surprised by its effects, and for whom the “ritual” of making the autopathic preparation became enjoyable part of his life. Initially, he used to make the preparation every second day and gradually, as his health improved, less and less often.

A man in his fifties began using autopathy because of the following complaints from which he suffered over years:

  • increased thyroid function, swollen neck where he feels pressure – he takes medication and goes for regular medical check-ups
  • stabbing pain in the heart area accompanied by shortness of breath – several times a day, there may be days when he does not notice it
  • joint pain: knee – cannot squat, sharp pain, in recent years he cannot skate and play hockey; hips – wakes him in the night, the pain comes also when he is resting, there are days when it hurts and days when it doesn’t
  • he feels tired most of the time


3 weeks 4,5 l every day boiled breath (BB) and breath without boiling (B), alternating them, then 3 weeks 6 l every other day BB and B

First consultation after less than two months

He noticed the following changes:

  • stabbing pain in the heart area – he had not had it once during all this time, generally he can breathe better
  • the knee – feels 60% better, squatting is no longer such a problem, he can make 30 squats without any problems
  • hips – greater range of motion, the last 14 days is noticeably more comfortable
  • has more energy and is not so tired, about 40% better

We see a development according to Herring’s laws of cure, the healing takes place from within to outward.

Recommended to stay with 6 l every second day, alternate BB and B.

Second consultation after two months

  • knee – sometimes he doesn’t know about it at all, he does 30 squats 3 x a day
  • hip – improved condition from the past holds on, but there was no further shift for the better
  • stabbing pain in the heart area – he registered it only once, he was running around with his child and could breathe normally
  • thyroid gland – was at endocrinology and the values are ​​still increased, but there is no longer pressure in the neck, emotionally better
  • feels that he has enough energy

I recommended to replace the old autopathy bottle with a new one and try to continue with 6 l. If there is no change for the better within a week, then increase to 7,5 l, alternating BB and B every second day.

Third consultation in two months’ time.

Finally, after a week of using 6 l, he decided, due to the stagnation of his condition, to switch to 7,5 l.

  • knee – is even better since the last time, does 100 squats in a row without restrictions, joint ranges are fine, skated for half an hour
  • thyroid gland – after years, he spontaneously discontinued pills, feels no neck pressure and no worsening was ascertained at the medical examination
  • the stabbing pain at the hart area is gone, but exceptionally emotional strain evokes old manifestations of shortness of breath
  • the hip joint is better, which he observes especially during and after riding a motorcycle
  • he is mostly in a good mood and content

Recommended to continue with 7 l (change the autopathy bottle every 2 – 3 months) and extend the interval between uses to 1x in 5 days. Two weeks before the next consultation, he should try to go up to 10 l (still alternating BB and B).

Fourth consultation after three months

He did not make the test with the 10 l as recommended, he felt very well with 7 l.

  • heart – no problems
  • breathing – no problems
  • knee – he can practice sports
  • hip – he feels it a little in the extreme ranges of the joint, but there is marked improvement
  • no neck pressure

Recommended 7 l BB and B, 1x in two weeks.

Fifth consultation three months later

He is satisfied with the condition, plays hockey, has been training, rides a motorcycle, feels no restrictions at work. He still uses autopathy once every 2 weeks. In the family, they are generally very positively inclined towards autopathy, because we have also healed the daughter’s chronic eczema within three months.

It is usually not difficult to achieve some relief at the beginning of the treatment. However, the long-term improvement and positive development of chronic, protracted problems, which are already long-established in the body, requires a humble approach to healing and the understanding that the healing processes of the body need adequate time for the changes to be noticeable. Especially with damaged joints of a man over fifty years old. A very common mistake that the clients who come to me for advice make is impatience and the hasty abandonment of the current potency with the mistaken vision that more water must produce better results. Years of experience with autopathy also show how important it is to adhere to time-proven methods and procedures in the production of the preparation.


Webinars introducing to the basics of autopathy are organised in English for international therapists, medical practitioners and persons interested in self-healing.

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