Information from the 7th chakra – effect on all levels

11.1.2022 | Jiri Cehovsky |

The reason for any disharmony (disorder) of the body and mind is dissonance in the reception of the life force, prana, which shapes us, endows us with consciousness, feelings, thinking, order, love and also energy or resilience. Prana, the information flow of yin and yang (a binary code in modern language), radiates from the Source, passes through our chakra system, organizes it, and with it also the areas belonging to every chakra. The chakras have their own hierarchy, each higher chakra also contains information that forms the lower chakras. Therefore, the highest individual 7th chakra has a crucial role in life – it has a vibrational, informational pattern of the whole person, from there it materializes in the body. Our consciousness resides there and from there it goes elsewhere after leaving the body. A preparation from the seventh chakra can improve the connection with the higher universal chakras and the Source and sends to the lower chakras the information about what it should ideally look like, a plan, a harmonious image of a person.

A woman in her forties came to my counseling practice. When I asked her what she wanted to improve on her, she told me that she has been suffering from heart palpitations, it bothers her at night, when she turns over, then she feels it strongly. It disrupts her sleep. That’s how it originally started, and then the irregular heartbeat with the feeling of “skipping” began to show even when walking uphill and at the same time she felt an uncomfortable tightening in her chest. This condition has plagued her for five years. It’s getting worse. She feels the tightening in her chest often now. It upsets her psyche, she says, so that she’s been going through something like a depression. She was examined by doctors, they found “something” in a scintigraphy examination of the myocardium, and after wearing a Holter monitor, extrasystoles and mitral valve insufficiency were discovered. She was told at cardiology that it was a relatively common defect that nothing can be done about, and should there be major problems, it was possible to replace the valve with an artificial one. Currently, the heart palpitations wake her up to 10x in the night and she is suffering from the lack of sleep.

She is scared, is afraid of everything. She has anxious premonitions that her heart disorder will strike again. She used to be social, but in recent years has resorted to solitude. She is sorrowful. She is scared all the time, doesn’t like going anywhere, doesn’t even want to go to her cottage. She used to ride 100 km by bike, but a year ago she withdrew from everything.

She also suffers from chronic back pain. Her back is stiff in the area of the heart chakra, which hinders her, for example, in practicing yoga.

Sometimes she has a burning tongue.

She has an eczema on her leg since childhood, turns purple when cold, not visible when warm.

She does not take any medications, only occasionally the homeopathic remedy Argentum nitricum 15.

She started with autopathy two months ago, after having participated in a course on autopathy and read a book about it. To start with she used Prana 5, improving it by taking information from the heart chakra first, then from the 7th chakra, diluting it with 1,5 liters of water and then applying it to all chakras. Every second day.

After this, her psyche had improved, but her sleep and heart palpitations had not. Then, every week, she started increasing the amount of water by half a liter. At the same time, she added a preparation from boiled breath (BB) in the same potency. She always repeated the preparation from Prana 3x in a row and 3x BB in a row. Last month she used the autopathic preparations daily: BB 4 l for 3 days, then Prana 5, 4 l for 3 days, she alternated them, and now she is at 5 liters with both. She did not take Argentum nitricum for 3 weeks, started again 2 days ago.

Now she feels slightly better psychically, but the other things remain roughly the same.

I recommended to her: Prana 3, 6 liters, initially return the potency also to over the head, then just apply from the 6th to the 1st chakra. Alternate with BB 6 liters, one of this 1x a week, or more often according to her feeling. Not to take the information from the heart chakra anymore, but follow exactly the User Guide (it is the same as for Prana 5, but only with descending application to all chakras).

Follow-up consultation in month and a half:

When she first used the preparation from Prana “it was great and the mood wonderful”. She slept peacefully and it continued also in the following days, although her heart still kept on palpitating. It bothers her the most when walking, the sensation in the throat and the pressure in the head lasts for 3 minutes. But now it didn’t affect her psychically so much as before. The good mood lasted until the following Wednesday, when she used BB. This was followed by a worsening of the mood, also heart palpitations and fatigue got worse. In this individual case, the organism indicated that it did not need the BB. But it likes Prana. That’s why, already in 4 days, she prepared Prana as before – an improvement in the psychic condition immediately followed. She took two walks without the palpitations, immediately after the first Prana application. After a week Prana 3 again, she felt beneficial effect on the psyche and sleep. But sometimes her heart problem manifested itself again. Then she switched to Prana 5 (application to all chakras not only in the descending but also the ascending direction) and saw no difference in effect. She didn’t take the homeopathic medicine anymore.

At that time, her dog vomited, she made her autopathy from Prana, 2 liters a day. She stopped vomiting and had not vomited for 14 days. The old female dog has been looking forward to the preparation.

A week later she tried boiled saliva (BS) – afterwards she cried, felt tightening in her chest and heart palpitations, her head ached severely, it changed into a migraine, thus the preparation from physical information with boiling had not been affective again, and therefore she no longer used it. Prana 5, 6 l followed, and she makes it once a week to this day. She is fine for a while and worse for a while, but she is generally calmer, she has not had the heart palpitations for 3 nights now. This only appears during exertion now, for example when going up the stairs. She wakes up 3x a night, it used to be 10x before.

Recommendation: Prana 5, 9 l, do not use regularly anymore, but according to her feelings. When feelings worsen, use immediately, otherwise do not use. And in 3 weeks increase again, but only if there is not a full satisfaction with the 9 liters. We increase in an effort to find the optimal level of dilution, which is so important for the preparation of Prana. Should she accidentally exceed it, she can return to what had worked better before.

 Consultation in three months:

She is very happy, she is doing well. She also used autopathy from boiled stool (autonosode) 3 l, one week, alternated it with Prana.

She does not have any heart symptoms anymore.

Anxiety is greatly improved. She’s no longer so scared.

Now she is on Prana 5, 10,5 liters, applied to the 7th chakra only when potency was increased, otherwise to the 6th till 1st and back.

She does not have any abdominal pain before menses anymore – she had suffered from it regularly before and didn’t even consider it as being anything abnormal, so she hadn’t mentioned this problem before.

Recommendation: Autopathy 12 l Prana 5, repeat only in accordance with her feelings. 

Consultation in 2 months:

She is still on Prana 5, 10,5 liters. She uses it regularly every Wednesday. She has improved a lot psychically. She swims 20 minutes, practices sports. She has no problem, but sometimes when she goes up a few stairs, her heart starts beating a lot, and other times, when she goes up 300 steps, nothing. She’s no longer sorrowful. She only has a sensation in her chest for a short time and only once every 4 days.
Recommendation: Continue with the same. Increase the amount of water only when the effect decreases.

Consultation in 4 months:

The lady reports that about three months ago she observed a slow deterioration of her condition. Therefore, she increased to 12 liters of Prana 5. She subsequently experienced “surges of energy, joy and a carefree mind.” She was at cardiology after one year. They told her that they have not found anything. The doctor could not believe it. Later, her inner feeling began to deteriorate slightly, so she is now seeking advice.
My last recommendation was: When with the current potency the improvement stops, the potency should be increased, now to 13,5 l. It is also advisable not to repeat once a week mechanically, but to monitor feelings and intervene when there is an impression of worsening. If the current potency no longer improves the condition, always increase by 1,5 liters. From 15 liters upwards by 3 liters.


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