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1.2.2022 | Krystof Cehovsky |

With autopathy self-care, people sometimes improve or even cure their ailments in the first weeks. It can be incredibly easy if they follow the best practices described in books and presented in lectures. Often, they get to a stage in which the ailments have improved in the long term, but they feel that there is still some kind of a reserve and they would like to advance the already improved but stagnant condition even more for the better. This is not an unrealistic wish or demand. I often encounter this situation in counselling.

I will describe here the case of a lady who first started with autopathy on her own and then decided to consult the development of her condition.

Recently, her main problem, which is asthma, has improved to a quite tolerable level. However, her breathlessness continues to bother her during her favorite physical activities. She used to have often severe migraines, which is also much better now, yet once in a while, milder ones still occur. Allergic reactions to animals, such as itching in the nose and on the skin in general, have also improved. Chronic rhinitis has improved by 30 %, sinuses are not so blocked as they used to be, which she notices in the morning. Also her energy during the day is somewhat better. Sleep has also improved a little.

Prior to this improvement in her condition, two months ago, after reading Autopathy Handbook, she has chosen for herself the potency of 4,5 liters of boiled breath for 14 days and 6 liters for the next 14 days. But then she became unsure, she expected better results from autopathy. Therefore, she had stopped using autopathy for a while, until our consultation. The improved condition remained. I advised her to continue with the 6 l for the combination of boiled breath and breath daily. After all, it would have been a mistake to abandon too soon this level of dilution, with which she has experienced partial shifts for the better so far. However, I suggested that two weeks before our next follow-up consultation, she should increase slightly to 7,5 l boiled breath and breath every second day.

In her follow-up consultation a month later, she told me that each of the problems she listed above in the first consultation had begun to slowly improve again. Her general assessment of the condition was that to date there is a positive shift of about 30 %. She noticed the biggest change after switching to 7,5  l, where she felt psychological boost that she felt ever since. At the same time, she has been noticing much more energy in normal activities, she is more active, even physically. The recommendation from this consultation was: Continue with 7,5 l, alternating boiled breath and breath, twice a week.

In a couple of weeks, she reported to me that beside occasional mild constipation, nothing bothers her. This sentence aptly summed up all the recent holistic developments. Breathing during physical activity was ok, I remind here that she had asthma. No headaches, she used to have migraines. No itchy skin, she used to react to animal hair. The recommendation was to still continue with the regular use of the preparation for some time, and if the condition was still good after a few weeks, to occasionally use, if necessary, the successful potency, which resonated with her spiritual power and cured the symptoms that bothered her, the dilution of 7,5 liters.




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