Not just the warts

14.2.2022 | Dana Smetanova |

Paper from the Internet conference on Autopathy 2021.

A 12-year-old boy has been suffering for about 3 years from warts, which are scattered all over his body and are constantly spreading and hurting. Despite the classic treatment at dermatologists (various lotions, burning off), which he has been patiently undergoing, the warts spread uncontrollably.

The boy looks very unhappy. He is bothered by the fact that because of this problem, he cannot take part in swimming in the pool with his classmates. Not only are the warts painful, but they also limit him for aesthetic reasons, because they are scattered over the hands and very visible.

I chose boiled saliva and breath (BSB), because I felt that the preparation must be strong and must involve only a few applications due to the social and family situation. I prepared the boy’s autopathy myself.

First preparation: 6 liters BSB. It is touching to observe the boy with what naturalness, ease and respect he approaches the application, he even pours some of the diluted solution on the individual warts, i.e., only after its classic application between the eyebrows.

14 days later: 9 liters BSB. After this potency, the warts stop spreading.

In month and a half, the next application: 12 liters BSB, after this dilution the warts disappear from the whole body.

When I ask the boy at the next consultation, which took place about three months following the application of the 12 liters, what is new, he shrugs his shoulders that nothing. This disappoints me and I feel sad about it, and I go on asking: ‘What about the warts?’ The boy replies: ‘I don’t have them anymore.’

We ended the autopathy with 30 liters breath only.

The boy reacted to autopathy wonderfully, during the next year he significantly improved his school performance, he concentrates and comprehends better, he also started to be successful in football. This potency has a long-term effect and has helped him not just to eliminate warts, but to awaken his potential.


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