Prostate, back pain, 74 years

9.12.2021 | Dana Smetanova |

The case was presented at the Autopathy 2021 Internet conference.

Man, doctor, now 74, non-smoker and abstinent, has been diagnosed at the age of 71 with prostate cancer.

He has subsequently undergone a radiation therapy at the regional hospital during the first quarter of 2017.

Every 14 days since the beginning of 2018, he has been regularly using autopathy with boiled saliva and breath (BSB), gradually increasing to the current 13,5 liters. Initially, he started with the dilution of liter and a half once or twice a week, gradually increasing and lengthening the interval. The 13,5 liters BSB has been effective for him the whole year.

Subjectively he feels absolutely great in all respects and has been consistently maintaining his PSA values at the lowest possible level, specifically in the range of 0.1 – 0.2, while the upper allowed limit of PSA is 6,5 points.

During the whole period of autopathy use he had not been ill, is active, creative, he works both physically and mentally – intellectually, is very positive, no one would guess his age.

An explanation for the choice of preparation: Why did we choose the preparation from saliva and breath? Because I did not know the severity of his initial health condition, the man wanted autopathy only to keep fit, he only informed me about the illness later.

When he tried using saliva or breath separately, he did not feel so fresh, thus the choice of a combination of boiled saliva and breath.

During one of the later consultations he told me in retrospect that he had been treated for severe back pain already when he was young and that this pain had accompanied him his whole life. Now it was also resolved by autopathy.


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