Autopathy arrives where it is needed and its call is heard by people who are ready and open to it

29.3.2022 | Veronika Jandourkova |

This paper was presented at the fourteenth conference (this time on Internet) on February 26, 2022

Dear friends and supporters of autopathy, I was asked to present some of my experiences from previous years at this year’s conference. So far, I have never presented any of my experiences, because I took my successes for normal and self-evident, as we have become accustomed to in autopathy. At conferences and seminars, I have always drawn new inspiration from other speakers, who have often had very peculiar cases of rapid and miraculous healings after using autopathy. It has always been very rewarding. Because autopathy has been present for a long time, many of us who have been using it are no longer amazed by its effects, however, for the new practitioners, I am happy to pass on my message to support their interest and enthusiasm.

I first “encountered” autopathy in December 2012, when I took part in a course, and it has become a part of my life ever since. At that time, I did not have any health problems needing to be solved, it probably came into my life so that I could spread its beauty and usefulness among those in need.

But by practicing it, I myself sail through life on a wave of harmony and health. Autopathy has helped and is helping my family, my friends, and if people are willing to “hear me out”, I am very happy to offer it to my clients as part of my rehabilitation practice.

I’ve handled many cases in my practice in the past nine years, many successfully. These are the ordinary successes and improvements that have already been presented at conferences in the past. I write “ordinary”, but nothing in our lives is ordinary and obvious, I have known that for a long time. Because if we can improve health and life quality, even just a little bit, then it is always worth it!

One of my recent successes: At the beginning of December 2021, a young married couple comes to my office. I will take care of the men’s knee, and teach him exercises for his aching back. The woman is at the end of the second trimester of her pregnancy. While talking, the women discloses that her health has been deteriorating, she has a very low blood pressure, 50-60 / 80, her lower limbs swell up and, in the evenings, she experiences shortness of breath. She says that if it will be like this until the end of the pregnancy, it will be difficult. The gynecologist cannot do anything to improve her condition, and the woman says wistfully: “If there were something alternative”…  ​​I realize that it is time now to mention autopathy and to explain its method. We don’t have much time for a longer consultation and the lady leaves with a borrowed book to study and to possibly get back to me if she wishes to. She calls me the next day, wants an autopathy bottle, which I have to give her quickly again because I don’t have time for a more detailed explanation until next week, but the woman wants to practice autopathy immediately. We only determine the frequency and the dilution, the lady is very well versed, reading Mr. Cehovsky’s book is absolutely sufficient for this young woman to embark on autopathy. She starts with breath without boiling at 1.5 l, and will continue using autopathy according to her feelings and needs. The same will apply to adjusting the level of dilution. She visits me on the third day. She is excited, a big change took place after the first administration… she says: “I was expecting an improvement, but that it would be 100%, and this fast, it didn’t occur to me…“

I summarize: after one use of autopathy her legs stopped swelling and shortness of breath disappeared, so the blood pressure probably normalized, but we do not know that for sure at the moment, because the lady did not measure her blood pressure. The lady is 28 years old, slim, petite in stature, during the pregnancy there was no overweight that could result in deteriorating health. She visits me two months later. She uses autopathy once a week, still breath without boiling, she is happy, rested, radiant, previous complaints have not returned, there is nothing to add. On January 30, she gave birth to a healthy girl.

It warms me that I was able to witness this beautiful miracle again and that despite the fact that this was not a textbook case as far as the initial autopathy consultation with an interview was concerned, I am aware that there was a higher power that sent me this young, but sad expectant mother plagued by pain.

And that’s what autopathy is about, it arrives where it is needed, and its call is heard by people who are ready and open. And that it will always do that, which is appropriate and necessary only for that one person. Whether it is the miracle of complete healing or only a partial improvement of specific ailments, there is always a shift on the spiritual level as well.

I know that I have presented here a case where the solution with autopathy was really easy, just as it is for various acute disorders not only in children, but also adults, of which I have had countless ones. In the search for the ideal way of application of autopathy for the person concerned, I have also been occasionally presented with difficult challenges and then the progress in improving health has been slower than I describe here.

Occasionally I lose contact with the people and don’t know whether they have successfully resolved their problems with the help of autopathy or if they didn’t have the patience to persevere. Who knows? It is always up to each of us to choose the way we walk through life.

I am grateful that my life’s direction took this way of knowledge, which is familiar to all of you here at the conference.

I wish you much success and joy with autopathy!


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