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11.1.2024 | Sofia Mattei | sofia.mattei@centrum.cz

This paper was presented at the last Conference on Autopathy.

Good day, ladies and gentlemen, my name is Sofia Mattei and today I would like to share with you my experience of practicing autopathy. First of all, let me thank Mr. Cehovsky, both for inviting me to the conference and for his unceasing efforts to guide people towards health and a better quality of life. Thank you very much.

The author at the 2019 conference.

The author at the 2019 conference.

For more than 20 years I have been working with various alternative methods of healing, especially in cases of diseases that doctors have long since given up on or outright rejected. So, it is not surprising that I arrived at autopathy. When the student is ready, a teacher can always be found. In my practice, I have met with various diseases and with people who were already in a very bad condition. I already spoke about one such case of a lady with severe asthma and many other health problems at the conference in 2019. She had no energy left, was just surviving and basically just waiting to die. After 2-3 months of autopathy treatment, her energy was restored, most of the problems have disappeared and the lady was able to run up two flights of stairs in one go. Her significant improvement in her condition made me really happy.

Today I want to share with you my experience with autopathy treatment of my son. I managed to accelerate his puberty thanks to autopathy in a completely unexpected way. A person usually matures over a number of years and physically and mentally changes completely from a child to an adult. Thanks to autopathy, my son’s puberty lasted exactly two years. Indeed, after several applications of the preparation to the chakras, as if at the push of a button, puberty set in, and a very heavy one at that. Exactly to the day two years later, it disappeared again. This took place between my son’s 14th and 16th year. After this challenging period, he became a completely different person. Of course, he continues to mature like any other person due to passing time and life experiences, but the fundamental transformation took place during this period.

And what actually made me apply autopathy here? Of course, everyone who deals with autopathy also treats their children with it. My son was and is, thank God, perfectly healthy and has never suffered from any physical illnesses. But he was a very peculiar and complicated person from a very young age. Already as a very young child, he was very rebellious and was often not easy to get along with. He was very stubborn and it was a superhuman task to convince him to do something he didn’t want to do. He had great difficulties in making social contacts and was often very aggressive, to the point of being uncontrollable. Fortunately, not towards people, but he had no problem destroying the furniture in his room in rage. In addition, he apparently inherited some “supernatural” abilities from me, and from a young age, he could see in people who was who. Problem came the moment he started going to school and was fed up with his class teacher and other members of the teaching staff. I kept hearing his comments like what were they playing at, that they did not have any authority and what did they actually want to teach him. I’m sure you can see that his entire school-time was, in one word, hell. Teachers did not know how to handle him and we were sent to the educational-psychological counselling centre many times and later to the psychiatrist, with suspected autism spectrum disorder and even Asperger’s syndrome. They would be very happy to pump him full of calming medication, just to keep him quiet. I didn’t allow that, of course. The problems escalated and that’s when I miraculously discovered autopathy. In the seminars it was said that autopathy was no substitute for education. I was sure that in my son’s case it was not a case of failure of education, but that the problem was somewhere else. After the knowledge I gained in the seminars, I decided to try autopathy as a remedy to calm his psyche and harmonize his personality. Given that his were purely psychological problems, I judged the best method was a preparation made of prana and applied to the chakras.

Exactly as instructed, protecting my nose and mouth with a surgical face mask, I made a preparation of prana with 1,5 litres of water and applied it to the 6th and 7th chakras, repeating it once a week. My son was very cooperative and always enthusiastic to the point that I became suspicious. He later told me that he always felt high after the application, as if he were smoking marijuana. However, he calmed down, and I could see a shift in him in the desired direction. Within a short time, however, he suddenly snapped – and was like a changed person, until I began to suspect that he wanted to have me put in jail or at least in a mental institution. Fortunately, that didn’t happen, and after exactly two years he miraculously turned into a fairly easy-going, empathetic and communicative person.

With this paper I just wanted to say that one can get very surprising results with autopathy. Of course, always in a positive sense, even though the course may sometimes be different than you expect. It is actually about being prepared for everything, because those who are prepared are not surprised.

Thank you for your attention and I wish you every success in healing with autopathy.


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