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25.9.2023 | Krystof Cehovsky |

A 76-year-old lady asked me for a phone consultation, during which she told me what was bothering her.

In August 2022, she was diagnosed with nasal lymphoma, which was subsequently surgically removed. The surgery was followed by a chemotherapy treatment. Since then, for several months, she has been having difficulties in breathing. According to the cardiologist, she has a weakened heart and water on her lungs. For a long time, she has been using diuretics to reduce fluid retention. She often experiences stubbing pain in the heart area. She is short of breath even at rest and even normal movement makes it worse. She walks with crutches. Her hip joints, which were operated years ago, hurt. She is very tired all the time. She tries to walk regularly in the garden for 20 minutes during the day. Then she is always exhausted, has to lie down and sleeps for 2-3 hours. Two or three times a week she cannot sleep at night and is awake, worrying about her family. She wakes up often to urinate, which also does not improve her sleep quality. Twice a month, she has severe headaches lasting several hours, which she has been having since childhood. She always has diarrhea after eating yogurt or cabbage.


Two weeks: 1,5 L, daily, alternate boiled saliva (BS) and breath (B).

Following two weeks: 3 L, every second day, alternating BS and B.

Follow-up consultation in six weeks:

Her breathing started to improve right from the beginning and now she has no problems with it at all (previously shortness of breath even at rest). The unpleasant feelings in the heart area had disappeared. She already walks without crutches – at the end of using 1,5 liters, she first put one crutch down, and after 3 liters the second one. She says that she does not touch them anymore. Sleeping at night is without problems. She now spends regularly an hour in the garden (previously a maximum of 20 minutes). She forgot to mention during the initial consultation that her fingers sometimes hurt – now the pain is less frequent. She ate dairy products several times and never once got diarrhea, which used to be the rule. The chronic hip pain is also improved. Her lower back hurts a little more. She attributes this to the fact that she is more active now and spends more time in the garden. Her usual headaches continued to occur, but to a much more tolerable degree than she was used to. She added that she can’t really complain about anything, and her voice on the phone sounded content.


Continue with 3 L, every second day, alternate boiled saliva and breath (BSB) and B.


The development took place according to Hering’s laws of cure. Above all, according to the law of cure from the inside – out (from within outward). First, the sleep improved significantly, then vascular and respiratory problems and the more superficial joint pains have only slightly improved so far. The problems were also cured according to Hering’s second law: In the reverse order in which they appeared – the months-long shortness of breath and heart problems disappeared, and the decades-long headaches she’s been having since childhood have so far only slightly improved. With such a development, we do not change the effective autopathy dosage.

The lady’s low vitality during the first consultation indicated that it would be optimal to choose low potencies, which should be applied often in such cases – daily, every second day. Although most of the main physical problems (vascular, respiratory, joint) were more indicative of BB, due to oncological problems experienced in the past, I initially decided to use BS, adding BB in a mixed boiled preparation (BSB) later. The alternation of a boiled preparation with non-boiled breath (B) is for me a standard part of the treatment in the initial detoxification phase, especially in more difficult cases that have a history of serious diseases of this type.

After a significant improvement at 1,5 L, which was even more pronounced at 3 L, after a consultation, I considered it appropriate to continue at this level of dilution, it is not advisable to change a level which is effective.

Despite her advanced age, the lady’s quality of life improved rapidly and significantly, and the case continues to develop.


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