Self-help cure of depression and migraines after webinar on autopathy

23.8.2023 | Jiri Cehovsky |

A lady over fifty came to me and explained why she did that:

She had suffered from migraines since she was twenty, for more than thirty years.

She also had severe depressions in the last year. She immediately added: “I don’t have them anymore. They passed after autopathy – and very quickly”. Two months ago, after the course on autopathy, she started using it. She first used Saliva (without boiling) 3 L, twice a week, then boiled saliva, 3 L, and already after the first application of boiled saliva she felt well. She also did not have migraines since then.

She tried once a preparation made from boiled breath, but it didn’t feel right, so she went back to boiled saliva.

While using autopathy, also her joint pains that she had been suffering with for a long time have improved significantly.

Her psyche is 100% better, she says that she feels „wonderfully, on top of things”, calm and depression-free.

Her gall bladder got better.

She explained that in the past, the migraines used to be related to food – the left side of her head had hurt from the morning, depending on what she had eaten in the evening.

She came to get advice on how to proceed. There are still things to deal with: She is severely overweight. She has been having a chronic cold all her life. Before autopathy, she suffered from severe fatigue, but it has improved by 50% in the last two months.

It was not difficult to advise her: She should continue as before with boiled saliva and increase the amount of water by one bottle to 4,5 liters.


Webinars introducing to the basics of autopathy are organised in English for international therapists, medical practitioners and persons interested in self-healing.

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