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31.5.2023 | Lenka Kolarikova |

This paper was presented at the Autopathy Conference 2023

I am a consultant not only in autopathy, but also in homeopathy and Bach flower therapy in my consultation practice The Homeopathic Way. The topic I am going to talk about is the method of autopathy from chakras.

I first learned about autopathy from chakras in the spring of 2015 at the course Autopathy III., where Mr. Cehovsky introduced it to us, and where he explained how it is done, which I will also describe in a moment, and where he also presented several specific cases. The mention of autopathy from the chakras and the cases that this form of autopathy has helped to heal (for example, a child with autism, who was restored to normal life by clearing and connecting all the chakras) really excited me. At that time, I was already a graduate of the Homeopathic Academy and had three years of experience in practicing autopathy, especially in my family and circle of friends and acquaintances. I tried autopathy from the chakras first on myself and later recommended it when I felt that its use was appropriate.

According to my experience, the indication for choosing autopathy from the chakras is a situation where, despite the significant overall improvement (sleep, energy, mood) and the improvement of chronic problems, the case is still blocked somewhere. For example, the client or counselor himself perceives this block as a block on a specific chakra or chakras – especially in connection with unimproved problems or weakening of body organs or physical manifestations of body parts that are linked to a given chakra or chakras.

The second situation may be that the client or counselor feels that “something” unspecific is hindering the return to full health, as Hahnemann talks about in his Organon of Medicine (Hahnemann,  Cooper Publishing 1982), although it is not entirely clear which particular energy chakra it is referring to.

I will describe two specific cases, which were both significantly shifted by autopathy from the chakras. In connection with these case studies, the question arises as to whether the unblocking of the individual chakras would not occur gradually after the repeated application of P5, since both specific clients did not use P5 before the application of autopathy from the chakras. However, after personal experience with the development of these and other cases, I definitely perceive autopathy from the chakras as an opportunity to dissolve blockages on individual chakras in a single use, and therefore, just like other types of autopathy, autopathy from the chakras has its place in my consulting room when making recommendations for specific individual cases. And this despite the fact that I am fully aware, and have actually seen it, that a similar unblocking of a chakra or chakras can occur after any form of autopathy or constitutional homeopathy. What leads me to recommend autopathy from the chakras is rather the client’s situation, where for some reason this does not happen.

Case 1

Woman, 39 years old, numerous health problems, including chronic ones since childhood (e.g. insomnia, anxiety and stomach neurosis, erysipelas, styes, facial tics, repeated infectious diseases), in adulthood depression, anxiety, insomnia, women’s problems – PMS , high-risk pregnancies, cryptic pregnancy, spontaneous abortions, inflammation of the uterus after childbirth, cyst on the ovary, allergies and asthma, repeated bacterial and viral diseases, mononucleosis, repeated Lyme disease, chronic inflammations of the bronchi and anus). Absence of fever during acute illnesses for about 15 years. Strong fear of cancer.

She was significantly improved both mentally and physically after having taken the homeopathic remedy Carcinosinum, but it had to be taken repeatedly, as if it had each time exhausted itself on some internal problem, even when given in higher potencies. She also tried using autopathy from saliva and breath, first boiled, then without boiling – more satisfactory was frequent application in lower potencies, i.e. dilution up to 6 liters. Autopathy had a very good effect as well, she felt very good afterwards, but autopathic application had to be made very often and regularly, just like homeopathy before. If this was not done, a relapse took place. After completing the cycle of autopathy from the chakras (in a dilution of 1,5 liters), a change occurred, which she herself perceived as a turning point and she had: “for the first time in her life, the feeling that she is completely healthy.”

What had happened in the seven-week cycle of using autopathy from the chakras:

In the 1st week (after the application from the 1st chakra), several unpleasant childhood experiences came up again. Next, she recalled an experience, probably from a past life, when she died as an unborn child in the womb and her soul left the dead body of the child, and she felt endless sadness at that moment. She experienced the same feeling of sadness repeatedly in her life and did not know why. In the 2nd week (2nd chakra) she was more aware of her sexual energy, felt more relaxed and happier during sex. In the 3rd week (3rd chakra) she felt a very strong sense of connection with others and strangers, and whatever she undertook, went through smoothly. In the 4th to 7th week (4th – 7th chakra) there were no more significant concrete manifestations, the feeling of complete satisfaction, relaxation and peace of mind still persisted. After completing the seven-week cycle of autopathy from the chakras, she had a 3-day virus infection with high fever that went away on its own, neither homeopathic nor classical medicines were used. Fever did not appear before this for almost 15 years, even after homeopathy and previous autopathy. Excellent mental feelings persisted. She occasionally used autopathy after that, tried autopathy from the chakras successfully even as an acute treatment, e.g. for stomach problems, autopathy from the chakras only from the 3rd chakra.

About a year later, she applied the cycle of autopathy from the chakras again, this time in a dilution of 3 liters. No other hidden blocks from this or previous lives have appeared. With each chakra, there were reverse symptoms of a physical nature that she had suffered from in the past, related to the chakra. This time, these symptoms also occurred in the 4th-6th week (4th-6th chakra). She felt great mentally. In the 3rd week (3rd chakra) she found out that she was pregnant, which was great news for her. She wanted to get pregnant, but after a previous unsuccessful pregnancy, it didn’t work out again. She successfully completed the chakra autopathy cycle. The baby was born 3 weeks before the due date completely healthy and fine. The mother was also fine. After giving birth, she occasionally applied P5, which kept her in an excellent mental state, sleeping well and feeling rested, despite waking up at night to attend to the baby.

Case 2

Boy, 6 years old, as a baby had problems after vaccinations, atopic eczema, food intolerance, bad posture, later he had Lyme disease (joint and limb pains appeared after that), frequent infectious diseases, occasional headaches, fatigued easily, sometimes distracted. He suffered from nightmares, when he cried himself to sleep and could not be woken up. When he recounted his dreams, the recurring theme was that someone was trying to kill him. There was a family history of cancer, epilepsy, heart and vascular problems. He had a close relationship with his grandmother who died of cancer and her death troubled him greatly. He was anxious by nature, he cared a lot about others, he gave a thoughtful, more mature impression for his age. In the past, constitutional homeopathy helped him with eczema and food intolerance, they also applied homeopathic detox vaccinations several times. Lyme disease and the problems after it (joint and limb pain) were successfully cleared by autopathy from boiled breath. His mother said that even though he does not have specific health problems, she still feels that he is not completely happy, that he is rather serious and sad. A cycle of autopathy from the chakras in a dilution of 1,5 liters was applied. The boy did not describe any specific changes, nor did the mother notice any reverse symptoms, but she saw a significant change in his psyche, which she described as “if a burden fell of his shoulders”, he began to show more joy and contentment. He opened up a lot in the group of children at school, became very popular, established new friendships with male and female children, and was often invited to children’s birthday parties. The great fatigue, unexplained headaches, nightmares and absent-mindedness disappeared. They did not repeat autopathy from the chakras, there was no reason for it.

Description of the method of autopathy from chakras:

Seven-week cycle – non-contact application once a week – other details of the procedure of this method are the same as in the instructions for P5 (Cehovsky 2017)

1st week: 1 application from the 1st chakra (taken by holding the vortex chamber of AB with water close to the chakra for approx. 2 min) – diluted – and applied to the 1st – 6th chakra (approx. 30 seconds to each individual chakra again by holding AB before the chakra)

The same procedure is followed in the following weeks:

2nd week from the 2nd chakra – applied to the 2nd – 6th chakra
3rd week from the 3rd chakra – applied to the 3rd – 6th chakra
4th week from the 4th chakra – applied to the 4th – 6th chakra
5th week from the 5th chakra – applied to the 5th-6th chakra
6th week from the 6th chakra – applied to the 6th chakra
Week 7 – P5 (from the 7th chakra and applied to the 7th – 1st chakra and then to the 1st – 6th chakra)



Jiri Cehovsky, Autopathy Handbook: Enhancing Our Life Force, Alternativa 2017
Hahnemann Samuel, Organon of Medicine, Cooper Publishing 1982)

About the author:

Lenka Kolarikova BSc (Hons):

“I have been practicing homeopathy since 2014, when I successfully completed a three-year homeopathy study at the Jiří Čehovský Homeopathic Academy in Prague. I further deepened my knowledge of homeopathy during my university studies in the CHE homeopathic education program for advanced homeopaths and successfully finished these studies with a BSc degree in homeopathy at Middlesex University in London, UK.

I have also completed courses on Autopathy where I gained theoretical and practical knowledge of Autopathy, which I have been personally practicing since 2015 and is part of my counseling practice.” (Text and photo from her website.)


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