Twenty years on autopathy

16.4.2023 | Jiri Cehovsky |

She first came to me in the late nineties, she was 35 years old, with 2 children. Main physical complaint – back pain in sacral region radiating to loins, getting worse when working in the kitchen, improved by hiking. After the birth of her 1st child, problems with urinating began, involuntary discharge of a small amount of urine when sneezing or laughing, but not often. Mentally relatively unbalanced, nervous, frequent fatigue. She describes herself as a pessimist. I recommended to her a homeopathic remedy that she should take once in a while, mainly Sepia, always single dose, in potencies up to 50 M. In 2002, she felt psychologically improved compared to her earlier condition, she also had a period when the pain in her lower back did not limit her or she almost did not feel it, but it always got worse again.

It wasn’t until October 2002, when she was one of the first to receive an autopathy bottle with the recommendation to use Saliva diluted by 4 liters of water, single use.

Follow-up consultation in 4 months: She feels generally better than the last time, she had a cough one day and a slightly elevated temperature, otherwise nothing negative happened.

Half a year later, she reports that some time ago she used the autopathy bottle with Saliva diluted by 22 liters water, we didn’t use anything but Saliva at the time. She reported that on the 3rd day after the use she felt very well physically, and 14 days later she had feelings of happiness (a very unusual condition for her). One day she had worsening of the spine problems with pain shooting down her leg so that she couldn’t walk that day – it was an old, reverse symptom, she knew it from before. Otherwise, all was well since she began with autopathy, no mention of the involuntary urination that used to sometimes bother her before autopathy. She had a longer period, when she did not have back pains. About a month before the next consultation and 4 months after the last consultation her back was getting worse again, the pain was shooting down to her heel and she had a migraine, which was a problem from the past that was now coming back. She made a preparation using 100 liters of water. Withing an hour, she felt an increase in energy and a feeling of radiation or pressure on her chest, she felt calm, she felt peace. Two days later, for the first time in her adulthood, she felt no pain while sitting. But it came back after a while. Fatigue decreased. Then, over time, she used 250 liters from Saliva, months apart. She always felt an immediate improvement in her psyche and energy. She was no longer tearful as she used to be sometimes before, nor did she suffer from the outbursts of rage. She characterized her psyche as “strongly improved, without significant problems”. The pain in her back was very mild and did not bother her during work. She increased the dilution at her own discretion. Then she went to 960 liters – 8 hours of flow through the bottle, Saliva. After that she felt  in her head a pressure, which was in the previous potency in her chest. Ascent of energy in the chakras, from the heart chakra to the third eye chakra. She became more active and hardworking. The problem of the sacral spine fluctuated in a mild form. Otherwise, she led an active life, did not take any medication, took care of the children and the family, etc. Then she tested going back to the potency of around 25 liters, which she applied regularly once a month. She gradually got over the headaches that appeared now and again. Then she reduced the flow to 5 minutes once a month and the hip joints and knees, which started to hurt, got better. When she got to 5 liters flow once a week, her psyche worsened, so she went up again to 25 liters. 7 years after starting autopathy in 2009, she switched to Breath, which was new at the time. After this she felt very good mentally. At first, she used 6 l, then 3 l. At the time of the consultation, she feels good, organizes things, etc., her back is improved. Then she uses boiled Saliva, 4 l, and after several repetitions she reports that she did not have a major psychological problem and sometimes feels joyful. The back pain has lessened. Fatigue experienced sometimes, after work. She determines everything creatively according to her own reasoning, she does not allow anyone to intervene, but she needs to talk to someone about her development. In 2010, she had the last boiled Saliva 9 l.

She didn’t come to me until ten years later, in 2020. She said that she had autopathy the last time in 2012. She also said that she recently had a terrible week mentally and physically, pimples on her back, maybe scabies…, she felt broken, felt that she will not be able to stand it. In recent times, maybe years, she has not been able to function, has thoughts that nothing makes sense, so why should she get out of bed, everything is falling apart, incredible fatigue, putting everything off. She recently thought that if her mental health worsened, she would “jump out of the window” and that she “must either go and see a psychiatrist or take autopathy”, she told it to her husband and he said: “Go to Cehovsky”.

Even before visiting me, she went to the well with the autopathy bottle and to prepare it intuitively, she didn’t take her watch, Prana 1, about 4 minutes (8 l). She felt better straightaway and fell asleep at home, then immediately started working without problems and by evening she felt a headache, only for a moment. In the evening there was a short coccyx pain, it is no longer such a problem as it used to be. She felt her stomach swell up. The next day she met a lady with whom she needed to resolve something and resolved it. After that the good feeling went away, she repeated Prana 1, 4 l and the next day she was fine, but then not anymore, the fear that she has scabies came back again. She made Prana 1, 10 minutes of flow at the spring (20 liters), the next day she felt worse, but then every day she felt better and the doctor told her that she had no scabies. So, at present, when she comes to me after the 10 years, she feels good. I advised her to repeat the same dilution of Prana 1 should her good feelings start to deteriorate.

In three months, she reports: After a month, her feelings, mental and physical, began to deteriorate, she applied 10 minutes Prana 1, energy arrived immediately, the next day she had a slight pressure in the head and in the ear and felt tired but calm. Next day tired and very rested. Then it fluctuated in an improved state, then another Prana right after she had a bad dream, increased to 11 minutes. After that, she calmed down, a vacation followed, and she felt “like in paradise, a feeling of internalization”, but also a feeling of fatigue, walking 5 km a day.

After about a month, she began to have an uneasy feeling that the things of life were unsolvable, but it was not as strong as when it appeared in the past. At this moment she is with me and I advise: Repeat P1 22 liters.

Consultation in 3 months: She did not have any depression, which she had very often in the years before returning to the autopathy. She didn’t prepare Prana 1 after coming back from my consultation because it got better on its own. She did it only a month later when her grown son was moving out of home. “The first day after that was great”, she says, but the next few days it slowly deteriorated and her knee hurt. So, a month later, she repeated the flow (24 liters) with an increase to 12 minutes. She could already feel it having effect while preparing it. She felt ripples in her head and body, and she felt great for 11 days. Then she had for two days pain in her lower back a few times during sudden movement, and it disappeared again (reversal symptom). When she gets nervous in the last few days, “calmness suddenly appears of its own accord.” Recommendation: Repeat Prana 1, 12 l according to feelings and possibly increase by one minute, should the effect last only a few days.

A month later, she reports that her back had hurt, that she increased to 13 minutes and the back pain stopped immediately. But disturbing things happen around her, illnesses and other events in the family, covid vaccinations, she starts being lethargic, overeats (she is relatively slim) and doesn’t want to get out of bed. Recommendation: single use of Breath without boiling for 30 minutes (60 l) and wait.

After a month and a half, she informs me that things have improved somewhat, when depression, then only slight, short, no lethargy, etc. One day “extraordinarily very internalized during meditation”.

After 55 minutes Breath it was good for ten days, then sore throat for a short while, and then significant energy increase. She slept 9 hours the night before the interview and blames herself for sleeping so long. Recommendation 90 minutes Breath.

Then there was a calm period without the use of the 90 minutes Breath, and a beautiful relationship with her husband. Then she had a burst of anger, so she told herself to increase the dilution, but only to 75 minutes in the same bottle. Calm arrived, but in a few days the anger came again, she swore, but she was good with people. After about ten days she made 90 minutes Breath. Then she was tired for 3 days, but subsequently the good days started. She was overdoing it with work. She said “I have no diseases”. The case continues. She’s almost 60 and looks 10 or more years younger, I’d say that in the quarter century we’ve known each other she hasn’t changed.



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