Cheerfully about cancer: What can also happen during cancer treatment

20.10.2022 | Tomas Volfschutz |

I presented this paper at the Autopathy conference in 2022. However, as both cases have moved on since then and I wanted it to be beneficial also for those, who have attended the conference, I have added new facts to this article.

In my article I want to present the treatment of two cases of cancer. Since these were completely standard and basically unsurprising cases, I will not go into the details of the actual treatment and its course. But since the diagnosis of “cancer” is generally perceived as being very stressful and depressing, for a slight relief I will mention here certain oddities that I have encountered.

The first case is from my family

In 2009, my mother was diagnosed with a lump in her right breast. It was surgically removed and the pathology confirmed that it was a malignant neoplasm. This was followed by (mild) radiation and my mother refused further treatment – she simply could not accept that she would lose her hair. At that time, the oncologist ended her insistence with a memorable sentence: “If you want to kick the bucket, that’s your business!”

She was more or less healthy for the next 12 years, and then in January 2021, at the age of 76, her condition began to deteriorate sharply. Various shifting pains, mainly in the chest, fatigue, palpitations and shortness of breath after the slightest exertion. All the symptoms suggested heart problems. In the end, she could not “catch her breath” anymore, even going up a small hill between her and the neighbor’s house, the height difference of about 2 m. She fought her way to the hospital (covid era), where they were incredibly arrogant to her until they had made a chest X-ray. All of a sudden, they started to be terribly kind to her – there was a visible spread of tumors on both lower lobes of the lungs, the lungs were filled with water. Additional tumors were found on the right kidney. Evidently metastases of the original tumor in the breast.

At that moment it was finally my turn. First, I gave her homeopathic constitutional remedy to calm her down mentally before her visit at the oncology the next day. This was a great success, and so when they told her the next day, “you’re too old, it’s not worth treating people over 75”, she remained quite calm. And when the oncologists graciously decided to offer her a treatment, she firmly informed them that she was not interested.

The treatment itself was purely autopathic, we started with boiled saliva 1,5 liters once a day, we gradually increased the potency and during the treatment we switched to boiled breath (there were also other health problems – Meniere’s disease and the like).

After only 2 weeks, I brought her dog back to her, because her breathing improved so much that she was able to take care of him by herself and to take short walks.

After about 2 months, after a day of activity in the garden and around the house, my mother told me in a firm voice: “Your treatment is not working at all”. I was quite shocked “How does it not work; you are already running around here as if you were completely healthy”. “Well, when cancer is being treated, one must be sick, and I’m still fine. Therefore, it obviously doesn’t work,”

In June, she suddenly called me in the morning “The alarm clock in my bedroom started beeping at exactly midnight. But I’m sure it was turned off.” We checked the alarm clock, verified that it was indeed turned off … and the next midnight it started beeping again. Then my sister arrived, set the alarm for 3:00 p.m., and repeatedly checked that it was off. It started beeping at exactly 0:00. And so the alarm clock was moved out of the bedroom … and at exactly 00:00 the second clock that mom had in the bedroom (it projects the time on the wall) started beeping. And so it was moved out as well… and exactly at 0:00, her phone, which was on the charger in the next room, started to wake her.

The whole episode lasted a little over a week and then, as it appeared, it also abruptly ended. It was really creepy. Then, by careful questioning and searching in my memory, I remembered that many years ago my mother had a period when electronics near her broke – light bulbs burst, her beloved TV broke or the picture was distorted – something like when Mr. Bean bought himself a television. Simply a quite unexpected reverse symptom.

In December, despite my intense insistence and resistance, she listened to her adored television and let herself be “jabbed”. After 4 days, she ended up in the hospital with atrial fibrillation. As part of the examination, they also made a chest x-ray and concluded that both lungs were completely clean without a single sign of tumor growth. She boasted about it and said she was really looking forward to showing this news to her oncologist.

Despite being basically healthy, she continues with autopathy, now only once a week to maintain a high level of vitality and to prevent virus infections and the like. And so the holistic treatment obviously continued even with other unexpected mishaps. At the end of May, she suddenly called me: “I have an unsolvable problem!” “Really? What happened?” “My batteries empty themselves. My wrist watch in two hours, my cell phone in half a day, and even the lawnmower reports a battery error…”

I had a fit of laughter. Which offended her terribly…

I told her it wasn’t a problem but a slight discomfort and to do autopathy every day for a week and it would go away. She called me in 5 days and said that everything was fine, all the batteries had miraculously repaired themselves, only the watch would last only half a day. And if it couldn’t have been because of the storm. And so I laughed again … because this time I knew exactly what had happened – namely, about two years ago she went for a walk in the forest with her dog and at one point she suddenly had a strange feeling and then found out that her cell phone was completely dead and her wrist watch has a completely empty battery. At the time, she associated it with that particular magical place, but evidently the forest was innocent.

The second case is that of a 57-year-old lady, a teacher

She said that for some time she felt something in her stomach that did not belong there. In the end, despite her family doctor’s arrogant refusal, she got sonography done and it all started. An extensive finding on sono, then a PET scan, on which she lit up like a Christmas tree – diagnosed with Lymphoma, a tumor mass 107x97x35 mm was found in the abdomen between the liver and the pancreas and other enlarged nodes up to 30 mm in the vicinity. Attacked and enlarged nodes were practically all over her body. A biopsy confirmed that it was lymphoma and what kind it was.

The lady is a walking Materia medica of the remedy Argentum nitricum, she could be shown in lectures at the academy. As is typical of this remedy, she was literally freaking out with fear. And so she was given a globule of Argentum n. CM to calm her down. The treatment itself continued autopathically – we started with boiled breath and quite high potency – 4,5 liters once a day, quickly increasing it to 6 and 8 liters. In the process, I switched to boiled saliva. Since the lady initially thought of a combination with conventional onco-treatment, soon after the start of the treatment I added protocol after Ramakrishnan to the autopathy. This was due to time constraints, but also because she simply needed to do “something more” than autopathy. A placebo would have been the solution, but this seemed better to me.

Due to her very rich medical history, quite unpleasant reverse symptoms fortunately appeared relatively soon after the start of the treatment and so she trusted the treatment and agreed with the oncologist to postpone the start of oncological chemotherapy by one month. Which was enough, and so when she went for a follow-up sonogram after about 2,5 months of homeopathic treatment, the main tumor had already changed to 5x5x4 cm (i.e., about a quarter in volume) and most of the nodes were already normal in size or only slightly enlarged. And so she left oncology altogether.

Well, but then the lady went crazy. Suddenly a phone call from her husband: “What have you done with my wife? I’ll put you in the newspaper, I’ll put you on TV, I have an acquaintance in the media…”. When he calmed down and was able to describe to me what was going on, I had to admit that the lady really went cuckoo. While taking the case, she described to me in minute detail the year she had pneumonia and the year she sprained her ankle, but chastely kept silent about the fact that 20 years ago she was in a psychiatric clinic. And that she should still be taking antidepressants, which of course she hasn’t been taking for years. Thus, the homeopathic treatment worked correctly – the suppressed psychological problem was unblocked and re-emerged, but since I was not expecting it, I was late in reacting.

I immediately prescribed Cannabis Indica CM to the lady. But before the medicine was delivered and before it took effect, she went to a restaurant in their village, where she ordered French fries … and made a terrible scene there that they put drugs in her food. And so they picked her up and took her to an asylum.

She called me from the asylum and described it to me. I asked her how she knew that there were drugs in it. She answered: “I bit into a French fry and my left leg started to go to numb and it started to pull me backwards”.

“And how do you know that’s how drugs work?”

“Because the last time I was in an asylum, that’s what the drugs they gave me did to me.”

And so the poor teacher was sent to the asylum because of a reverse symptom that appeared at the most inopportune moment.

The lady returned from the asylum in March in a terrible condition. As I understood from her calls from there, they gave her such strong chemicals that it turned her yellow, her hair fell out and her liver started to terribly hurt. When she complained to the doctor there, she allegedly started yelling at her that she was not interested in her liver, that she was treating her head, and that about the liver she should go to her family doctor (from the closed ward of the insane asylum…). Well, so she came back with wrecked liver and a deep antidepressants-induced depression. But she immediately ordered autopathy bottles to continue with the treatment.

We have then basically picked up where we left off, but I added once a week autopathy from prana at a slightly higher potency than we were doing with the autopathy with boiling (saliva). The lady has not been very communicative – she is still under the influence of a combination of strong anti-depressants which keep her constantly subdued and depressed. But in mid-May, she went for a follow-up sonogram and then with the results to her oncology – and had sent me both reports. Honestly, I had to sit down. On ultrasound, they don’t even call the main tumor formation a tumor anymore, but a “residual mass” measuring 25 x 35 mm. To give you an idea – the tumor was originally the size of, say, an avocado, and now it’s something (connective tissue, scar?) about the size of the last joint of the thumb. But the biggest surprise is in the report from oncology, where the doctor wrote directly in the report “The patient is being treated alternatively with homeopathy (autopathic bottle)…” The lady said that they were very nice to her at the oncology this time, they were excited about the results and they didn’t even try to offer her chemotherapy anymore.

Concerning cancer, this case is apparently at the end, so I have already recommended to ease with the boiled saliva, but we still have a long way to go on the psychological level, if possible, to get to the point where even the psychiatrists (and her family) recognize that the medication can be discontinued.

What to say in conclusion? Don’t be afraid of being diagnosed with “cancer” – it’s a disease like any other. Oncology treatment is terrible. That’s why I would recommend to anyone who finds themselves in this situation – give homeopathy a chance first before deciding on oncology. There are very few cases where delay presents a real danger (e.g., very “fast” tumors) – so usually an agreement can be reached with the oncologist to postpone their treatment for 2 or 3 months – and with properly conducted homeopathic treatment, it should have become obvious after this time if it worked or not, and then make a qualified decision on how to proceed. And maybe then you will also experience… similarly cheerful stories from the treatment (I hope not the asylum!).


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