Forgetting autopathy: A case of unnecessary suffering

22.2.2023 | Jiri Cehovsky |

Middle-aged woman, initial interview in 2006:

Psychic problems, anxiety states. They appeare in certain periods of her life, recently she has been having really big problems. However, feelings of fear have plagued her since childhood. Her chest tightness, usually in the morning, increased anxiety, deep depression. It was the worst six months ago, when she’d thought “she wouldn’t survive”, but she could sleep. Her dreams were wild, she had no energy. She has had nothing physical in the last year, but the psychic problems persist. During anxiety attacks she is unable to speak, her fears make her sick, she feels anxious all the time and since cervical surgery constantly tired.


Appendicitis in childhood. Recurrent angina and tonsillectomy. When her parents argued, she used to have stomach pains.

Recommendation: 4,5 l saliva, single use.

Consultation in less than 2 months:

The strong states of anxiety that plagued her during the initial interview have subsided, stopped, and this practically since the first application of autopathy. She only had a short crisis triggered by a stressful event, then it got better again. She was nasty to her husband this weekend. Recently hemorrhoids appeared, she had been suffering with them occasionally, it is an old symptom reappearinng in reverse order. For a few days she felt that she is about to cry, she cries when she tells me about it, but assures me that she doesn’t cry otherwise. There is no fear or anxiety like before, it is rather a release of emotions that she was apparently suppressing since childhood.

Recommendation: Wait and observe the development.

Consultation in 14 days:

Last week one day sore throat, blocked nose, body aches, chills, she didn’t have a fever, the next day it was gone. She fainted and fell down (it was an old symptom). Now she is weak. Her nose is blocked when lying down. She has been feeling anxious again since yesterday, but not before that. It is a relapse, the cessation of the effect of a single application after two and a half months.

Recommendation: 9 l saliva, single use.

Consultation after 6 and a half years (she did not contact me during this time):

The anxiety disappeared immediately after the last application of autopathy, but it returned again after about a year in connection with increased stress.

I have already talked about this phenomenon several times in advanced courses – people who were helped by autopathy for a period of time forgot about it in the whirlwind of life, only to return to it after years of further suffering, which, as it turned out, was actually unnecessary. However, others of this type have not even come back again. When the crowd is rushing down the hill and you are a part of it, it is hard to stop and go back. It is easier done when there are more such people around you. Then you can support each other.

Her anxiety had made her physically ill sometimes, for example in shops, she had great problems with communication and took pills that did not help her, after some time she’d stopped taking them. Since then, she has been “floundering in it” as she says, the constant tension never leaving her. Two years ago, she started taking pills again, she was getting depressed, the fear started in the morning and every activity had cost her a huge effort, “it wasn’t life”. She felt alone. She stopped taking the pills one month ago. She suffers from insomnia. She is very tired in the evening, she reads, falls asleep and wakes up at 1 or 3 at night and doesn’t fall asleep until 5, then sleeps again in the morning. The pH of saliva is low at 6,2 – to regulate the pH with alkaline foods, over 7 is correct. Medium energy, she is not sleepy during the day (as she used to be with the pills). New moles came up on her breast. She has almost no physical problems, only occasional heartburn.

Recommendation: Prana I., 3 l, every second day for the first week, then once a week.

Consultation in month and a half: After the first application of autopathy she did not notice much change. She was more irritable after the second. After the third use, she had more energy. And after that, “it was a buzz,” she says. She suffers from inner aggression and tearfulness – she went to her yoga class and wanted to cry and laugh there, the people there were amazed, she laughed and cried while doing the exercises. With further applications once a week the anxiety improved greatly. She has outbursts of rage (not yet controlled influx of vital force – not an unusual phenomenon at the beginning of the effect taking place). pH of saliva 6,6 – still lower than it should be, but much higher than at the beginning. She drinks wine in the evening, two glasses, occasionally. She doesn’t complain about sleep disturbances, so I think she has already been sleeping well.

Recommendation: Increase to 4,5 l Prana I., once a week – should she feel at the end of the week that the previous lower potency was better, she can still return to it.

Consultation after three months: After the application, she usually feels more energetic, but by the end of the week she feels the effect diminishing. I explained to her that she should use autopathy more often to prevent the effect from gradually diminishing. One day she had temporary worsening of the anxiety, but overall the anxieties are much weaker, she practically doesn’t have them, nor the fears, but she observes increased venting of dissatisfaction and anger, which she previously suppressed for fear of the reaction of those around her. However, people around cope well with it. After an argument in the family, she decided that she will stop trying to solve things with pills or alcohol. She recently switched her autopathy bottle with that of another person and had made a preparation in it. Nothing happened at first, but in two days she felt bad – anxiety appeared at night. Without delay, she had made another preparation in new bottle, Prana 4,5 l, and it immediately improved, she also had more energy.

A preparation with mixed subtle information of another person can have effect as an antidote to the previous dose.  However, this phenomenon is not so widespread to justify dealing with it in depth. I have come across such a strong antidote effect as in this case only very rarely. And to correct it was not difficult.

She stopped drinking alcohol in the evening. She has a problem with her periods, she always had irregular ones, but now her stomach hurts more. A hemorrhoid appeared, a reverse symptom, she used to have them. She does not complain about sleeplessness, her psyche is fine.

Recommendation: 6 l Prana I., 1x a week and increase the amount of water when the effect diminishes.

Summary: Depression, insomnia and fatigue resolved. It progresses from the inside to the outside (Hering’s Law), so there is a good perspective for further improvement.

General conclusion:

  1. One of the cases when autopathy was forgotten after a previous good experience, in this case even for 5 years of considerable, but as further development has shown, unnecessary, suffering.
  2. Low potencies up to 12 l can be repeated once a week regularly, or more often if the effect is diminishing.
  3. The use of somebody’s else autopathy bottle can trigger a relapse.
  4. The onset of rage in depressed persons and generally strongly suppressed individuals is not unusual, the new energy has not yet been mastered, but if it does arise at all, it is temporary.
  5. After the experience she has made with autopathy, she has been spreading information about it further.
  6. She has mastered the basics of autopathy and can continue to take care of herself.


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