Joint pain

1.12.2022 | Jiri Cehovsky |

A woman in her 60s, clearly overweight. Her problem is arthritis, joint pain. It restricts her movement. The pain often wakes her up, she sleeps poorly.

It started in the thumb of the right hand, then four years ago, her right knee became sore – the doctor found it to be grade 3, then the left knee started hurting as well. The doctor suggested surgery on the right knee. She was taking some prescribed medicine for it, then tried acupuncture, but none of it brought relief, it even got worse. She is no longer on medication. “The road doesn’t lead this way,” she says after her long-term experiences. She used to like walking, but not anymore, it exhausts her and she has been avoiding it. Going up a hill and up the stairs is a big problem. The pain generally limits her movement, she cannot squat. Her legs and feet are hurting her, she feels weak. It has been like this for 4 years.

15 years ago, she had Lyme disease twice, the last time it was detected was four years ago and she has not been tested since.

She suffered from asthma in childhood. As a child, she was repeatedly sick at Christmas with respiratory problems. She had her first pneumonia at 22 and then several times after this, the last one at 40. She has breathing problems when she goes uphill. But when she walked up a hill blindfolded, the  symptoms of shortness of breath did not occur, suggesting that it could be psychosomatic. However, the history of repeated pneumonia does not fit the psychosomatic theory well, and this area has long been her weak point. In autopathy, however, everything is connected with the psyche, and the psyche with everything, and every organ with the others. The central problem that we treat in autopathy is the disruption of the reception of vital force, which creates and maintains all organs and the mind and is the source of harmony of the body and mind. That vital force, prana, chi, which the materialists of course deny.

She is sensitive to washing products, reddish dry spots appear after their use.

I recommended autopathic preparation from boiled breath (BB) 3 l once a week for 3 weeks, then 4,5 l once a week

Why boiled breath? Her main problem are the joints and there are also significant respiratory problems, both current and past ones. This corresponds, as has been empirically established many times, with the use of breath with boiling (see “Autopathy Handbook“,  p. 34).

Follow-up consultation in 6 weeks:

Immediately in the second night after the first use, her sleep improved and remained so. The next day, pain in the ankle, previously injured, became stronger, but it got better in two days.

An inner peace arrived, which accompanies her to this day.

Shortness of breath during exertion has improved, so did bleeding gums.

At the beginning of autumn (that is, at the time of the first consultation) everything used to get regularly worse, now the opposite is happening.

When she increased the amount of water to 4,5 litres, she experienced a “lightness of being”, as she literally said, a significant improvement in the joy of life, which lasts.

A week after the second use of 4,5 l of BB, that is, about 5 weeks after starting with autopathy, her joints stopped hurting, and especially the right knee, which was originally intended for surgery. And they are fine to this day, except for the ankle, which is still making itself slightly known. She no longer experiences any limitations in walking.

During the week she has an occasional cough, now much improved. It is bothersome, but not strong, does not reduce energy, nor limit daily activities. She doesn’t feel sick because of it, she has enough energy. It should be recalled that she had many problems in this area in the past – asthma, pneumonia several times as an adult, and also shortness of breath when walking uphill, which is already improved.

She is clearly in a good mood, seems very relaxed. She says that she wonders why people around her are often so fearful, she understands that they are caught up in the materialistic propaganda and do not know about autopathy. She herself has not watched TV for a long time.

Recommendation: BB, 2x 4,5 l and then 6 l once a week until the next consultation.


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