A story from another world?

17.3.2023 | Jiri Cehovsky | jiri.cehovsky@alternativa.cz

A girl, 4 years old. Allergies, tonsillitis, bronchitis, eczema and other problems so often plaguing today’s child population – she does not know them at all. Her parents think that it is because she has been treated with autopathy for a long time, practically since birth. Autopathic preparation is used whenever there is some kind of a slight nausea, about once a year and always with a quick recovery.

Now, however, the girl’s very worried father calls me: She has had a temperature of 39 Celsius for the second day and complains of a severe headache. I recommended potentized information from the 7th chakra, Prana 5, six minutes of flow in autopathy bottle under the filter (12 l). They applied it immediately. While finishing the application, she said that her headache got worse, but she fell asleep immediately afterwards. She slept for about an hour, then they woke her up and she was feeling much better, no more headache and normal temperature.

Nevertheless, her mother wanted to know what was wrong with her (the media reported cases of encephalitis at that time) and drove her to see a pediatrician two hours later. The doctor did not find anything and sent them home with instructions to call him should anything happen. The girl continued feeling well.

Is this a story from another world? No, it is a story about autopathy. In a few weeks, they might not even remember this episode. To be healthy is normal.


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