Persistent infection after surgery

29.10.2022 | Lenka Kolarikova |

A 69-year-old man comes to me about a year after an injury – ankle fracture dislocation of the right leg after falling from a height while working at home. Personal history of asthma since youth (occasionally uses Ventolin, especially during exertion), problems with the prostate, frequent urination at night, osteoarthritis of the knees – the right one is worse.

Due to the excessive swelling, the fracture was only fixed with wires, with the understanding that it will be operated on again (screws) after the swelling subsides. Shortly after his first discharge from the hospital, he was hospitalized again with a severe acute infection. Even after the second operation and repeated treatment with oral antibiotics, the inflammatory condition of the ankle still persisted. Physiotherapy, lymphatic drainage or osteopathic treatment could be performed due to the inflammation symptoms. After 2 months, he was hospitalized again with a diagnosis of deep infection, the surgical wound was revised, and antibiotics were administered intravenously. There was an improvement – the patient was able to go to a health spa, where they loosened it up a bit with great pain, but the swelling and pain still persisted, and the redness also returned. Due to the healing complications and the impossibility of rehabilitation, the tissue had calcified and he was offered the option of permanent ankle immobilization. This he does not want, he wants to be able to move his leg. He is still receiving topical medication for redness of the injury area.

I recommended autopathy in the dilution of 1 liter of BOILED SALIVA AND BREATH (BSB) once a day. Next 14 days BSB 1,5 liters every second day.

A follow-up consultation took place in one month: The redness has completely disappeared, no signs of inflammation are visible, the swelling is minimal – it only appears in the evening after greater exertion/walking. Pain only after excessive exertion. Due to the absence of inflammation symptoms, he starts going regularly for lymphatic drainage and rehabilitation. He also has an appointment with an osteopath. He feels that he has more energy, has been sleeping better at night.

It is recommended to continue with BSB 1,5 l every second day.

Next consultation in 2 months: Redness has not returned, swelling rare. Pain only after greater exertion, for example a whole day’s work in the garden. Arthritic pain in right knee worsened.

Recommended BSB 3 l once a week.

Consultation after 2 months: He had a respiratory illness – was bedridden for 3 days and then it was fine. He worried that his asthma would get worse at such times, but it was fine. Inflammation symptoms of the leg did not appear. Irreversible tissue changes remained, but the leg is mobile and the client can walk and even ride a bike. Asthma attacks did not occur at all during this time. Knee pain got better.

The client is on this scheme depending on need until now, there was also a period when he did not use autopathy at all for some time and the inflammation and its manifestations have never returned again.


Lenka Kolariková BSc (Hons), consultation in homeopathy, autopathy and Bach flower therapy


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