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Consultation per e-mail, asthma and eczema

Experiences from the consultation practice show that it is possible to set the initial parameters of the treatment (best kind of preparation, amount of dilution and frequency of application) over e-mail. The development of the case is evaluated during the follow-up consultations and the parameters are changed accordingly to help …

Preparation from the 7th chakra to conclude healing

Autopathic preparation from the 7th chakra with the working title “Prana 5” is especially suitable for people who use it to improve their psychic condition. Of all the autopathy methods, it is the one that best targets the psyche. The stimulated person experiences its effects almost immediately after the application …

Autopathy for an active lifestyle and sport

Autopathy is primarily perceived as an effective information-based healing method used for self-care by people with chronic complaints of various kinds (eczema, asthma, chronic inflammation, neurodegenerative disorders, cancer, psychotic states, etc.). It originates from classical homeopathy. It is a method for stimulating the vital energy, Qi, prana. Irrespective of what …

Resistance to “external” disharmonizing influences?

Man, 30 years of age, athlete. He asked me for initial consultation and setting of the dosage, then he changed to self-help. He turned to autopathy to get rid of migraines, which he got as a rule during and immediately after sports activity. He started with autopathy from boiled breath …

A common case from the practice, middle-aged woman, vasculitis, abdominal pain, joint pain and fatigue

The lady has been suffering from sudden abdominal pain, she’s had this problem more or less her whole life – thirty years ago they removed her gallbladder. Recently, the abdominal pain has been very frequent and very annoying, with cramps and diarrhoea. When she sits, she feels pain under her …

Progressive improvement, patience of the treated person is of key importance

This is a case of a 41 years old man, living on the east coast of the US. All communication was taking place, and still is, via email. He approached me a quarter of a year ago and in an introductory letter described his health difficulties. He wrote, among other …

Autumn viral infections

Viral infections are a classical problem that people encounter during the season between the summer and the winter – infections of the respiratory tract, blocked sinuses, fever. The appropriate application of the autopathic preparation can support the self-healing mechanisms of the body and to achieve quicker recovery from the illness. …

Looking back at the November advanced course

This year’s advanced course on autopathy took place in the building of the Faculty of physical education and sport. As every year, present were not only a wider consultancy elite, but also people, who have been successfully practicing autopathy in their nearest environment and of course on themselves. Many visit …

Consultation per email

To optimize your use of autopathy according to your individual needs, it is now possible to carry out autopathy consultation with Krystof Cehovsky per email. Detailed information at

Interview with Dr. Martina Kormundova about autopathy


Webinars introducing to the basics of autopathy are organised in English for international therapists, medical practitioners and persons interested in self-healing.

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