Consultation per e-mail, asthma and eczema

18.9.2020 | Krystof Cehovsky |

Experiences from the consultation practice show that it is possible to set the initial parameters of the treatment (best kind of preparation, amount of dilution and frequency of application) over e-mail. The development of the case is evaluated during the follow-up consultations and the parameters are changed accordingly to help the client resolve even age-old problems of body and mind, without even seeing him.

A 41-year-old woman contacted me for an email consultation. In her email she briefly described her individual problems including their intensity and other characteristics. Detailed knowledge of the initial condition is needed not only for the setting of the three initial parameters mentioned above, but also for a later comparison of the condition at the times of the following consultations. This makes it possible to identify the quality of client’s long-term development. The first follow-up consultation is usually in one to two months – this time generally suffices for changes in the physical and mental condition to show.

The woman’s problems were: Itchy eczema in the folds of the joints – elbows, knees, armpits, groin. The condition has been more or less stable over the last year and has become more bearable than it used to be in the past. She has had eczema since she was seventeen.

Then half a year ago asthma attacks appeared, this was the problem that had led her to choose autopathy. She used various homeopathic remedies, but did not find a remedy that helped her. She tends to get seizures mainly indoors, when she is resting, and especially at home. To prevent an asthma attack she does not do sports and avoids greater physical strain. A stronger attack occurs 3x a week, but she gets attacks of difficulties with breathing several times a day. She tries to use a corticosteroid inhaler as little as possible, but uses it at least 3x a week.

She is tired and feels psychically unwell, mainly due to the physical problems with the asthma and the eczema. She regrets not being able to do sports with her children and not living more actively.

I recommended taking autopathy as follows: Prepare once a day over 2 weeks 3 l boiled breath and alternate with breath without boiling, then over 2 weeks 4.5 l boiled breath alternated with breath without boiling, use it 1x in 2 days.

After one month, she wrote to me that in the first two weeks of using autopathy she felt better psychically and was not so tired as before. There was no change in physical problems at that time. When in the third week she started taking the autopathy preparation in a dilution of 4.5 l, she got severe cold and cough that held for a few days. After these problems subsided, she began to notice that the frequency of attacks with breathing difficulties decreased by 80%. And in the final week of using 4.5 l, she used the inhaler only once. Eczema stayed unchanged.

Her energy level was good, she was generally no longer so tired.

Summary: A detox of the organism took place in the form of the cold and the cough, and subsequently her main problem – asthma, significantly improved. The condition developed according to Hering’s laws of cure, taken from homeopathy, and so I recommended to her to continue making the preparation in the same way: 4.5 l boiled breath and breath without boiling, use once every 2 days over 2 months.

After the two months, in the frame of the e-mail consultation, she wrote to me briefly that her condition in terms of respiratory problems has been very good for a long time, she has not been using the inhaler for the last month and the attacks during the times of rest have almost disappeared. However, she prefers not to exaggerate physical activity.

The eczema is healing and the foci are fading/getting lighter in some places and it also seems to be finally receding. She writes that it got 40% better. He has enough energy, she has been working more both at work and at home. People in her environment have been noticing a change in her mood and that she is no longer sad.

My recommendation: 4.5 l for further two months, 14 days before the next consultation e-mail she should increase to 6 l once in 3 days. The next consultation will take place in two and a half months.


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