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9.6.2020 | Krystof Cehovsky |

Autopathy is primarily perceived as an effective information-based healing method used for self-care by people with chronic complaints of various kinds (eczema, asthma, chronic inflammation, neurodegenerative disorders, cancer, psychotic states, etc.). It originates from classical homeopathy. It is a method for stimulating the vital energy, Qi, prana. Irrespective of what this fine information aspect of a person is called, it has been known since thousands of years in China, Thailand, Japan, India, and other countries, and is understood as energy that brings life to all living things, including the human body. However, in the course of a person’s lifetime, it is constantly being disturbed by various external influences. By stress, injuries, viruses and bacteria, chemicals, and in athletes or hard-working people by a physical activity at the limit of their possibilities.

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The author is active sportsman, the man in black in the photo above.

This life-giving energy therefore needs to be strengthened. It is traditionally done by methods, which have always been known to influence the vital energy: acupuncture, Ayurveda, meditation, yoga, homeopathy and more. However, autopathy can surpass in some ways the limits of these methods used by ordinary western people. Its main advantage is its great simplicity, while maintaining strong efficiency. People can make an autopathic preparation in a simple way at home from their own physical information (it can be saliva, breath, etc.), which is diluted with water in a special bottle in the traditional homeopathic way up to a fine-matter level, the level of the organizing life force itself. After the application of this preparation we can observe the effect, which lies in the tuning of the psyche, in better healing of wounds and injuries, in more effective regeneration after exercise and in the healing of long-term diseases of the body and the mind. And with it go hand in hand better achievements in sports and in life.

It is not a theory, but a method building on over two hundred years old tradition of homeopathic practice from which it developed over the time into the present form – a method called autopathy.

Why not try this method of “doping” the body and the mind, without negative side effects, without having to subject our body to substances that are harming it? It sounds almost unbelievable, but there are many cases of physically active people and athletes, where we have achieved excellent results. This is not only about increasing performance. On the physical level, the use of autopathic preparation following previous physical exertion results in faster and more effective regeneration. The method helps to repair damaged muscle and ligament tissue in the joints by improving the body’s self-healing processes. Moreover, as experience shows, it helps to shift the athlete’s aerobic and anaerobic threshold and increases oxygen delivery to tissue. These are factors of key importance for most active people. Autopathy streamlines and intensifies the body’s natural regenerative and adaptive properties during and after physical exertion. It is also useful after injuries that are inextricable part of an active lifestyle and sports in general. It shortens the healing time, relieves pain and increases energy.

At the psychological level, autopathy contributes to focusing on an activity, to calming or achieving a void of mind in which you are mentally in the present moment, a state of mind appreciated by performance athletes in competitions, races or any other sporting event, as it makes it possible to better perceive the current training or match situation. This so-called “mu” state has always been highlighted by masters of traditional East-Asian martial arts as the main prerequisite for the success of a technically and physically prepared individual, both in combat and, of course, in any competitive situation – which applies to any sport. The body and the mind can be easier united in a specific activity. Pathological fears and similar states disappear. Above all, autopathy improves health and thus helps to prevent various infectious diseases. Everyone will be glad to be able to carry out their favorite physical activity without interruptions, or to systematically keep to their training schedule in sports without breaks that often arise from infections or other acute problems that weaken the body and the mind. High performance athletes, who move almost daily on the border of their physical capabilities, often suffer from weakened immunity and thus may be more susceptible to illnesses than the general population. In sixteen years of experience from sharing the results of autopathy, for example at the twelve annual conferences, a great know-how has been gained in this field. We know that it is possible to prevent these conditions and if they occur, to solve the problems or provide support for a quick solution. So… all this is not just theorizing, but the results from the praxis of thousands of people around the world that speak for themselves.

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I have been working as an advisor in autopathic self-healing for the last eight years. Before this, I was a personal condition trainer. In my day-to-day counseling work, I see that autopathy not only treats chronic illnesses, but that those clients, who at the same time actively practice sport, cannot praise it enough as a means of improving their sports performance. Personally, I daily practice Brazilian jiu-jitsu. I am brown belt and since many years combat and rolling on the mats has been an integral part of my life. Of course, like others, I constantly struggle with some minor and more serious injuries, and with the aid of autopathy I manage not to fall out of the training process. I feel a certain duty to promote awareness of this amazing method in the martial arts, fitness and sports community, where autopathy is not yet known much, in spite of its amazing benefits.

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