Preparation from the 7th chakra to conclude healing

4.8.2020 | Krystof Cehovsky |

Autopathic preparation from the 7th chakra with the working title “Prana 5” is especially suitable for people who use it to improve their psychic condition. Of all the autopathy methods, it is the one that best targets the psyche. The stimulated person experiences its effects almost immediately after the application – under the condition that the level of the dilution, which acts upon the level of disruption of the patient’s vital force, has been optimally selected.

However, as the experience of some of my clients shows, preparation from Prana can also be a method of the last phase of harmonization following the use of information prepared by a method with boiling. Occasionally, after some time, we come across a situation in the treatment where the preparation from boiled breath or saliva has significantly improved the physical condition of the person concerned, however, when we continue by trying all kinds of dilutions of the information in an effort to make further progress, the condition stagnates and no longer develops positively. This is the time to use the method of autopathy Prana 5, which has the potential to fine-tune the hitherto stagnant physical problems. Or we change to Prana 5 when we have succeeded with the boiled information method to completely eliminate the problem for a longer time, using it at regular intervals of weeks to months to prevent relapse and slipping back into an out-of-tune condition, when physical problems could occur. Prana can also be used with long-term improved clients even in the event of an acute physical problem, such as a cold or injury, where we would normally choose a preparation from boiled breath. These possibilities sound promising as a theory, but I would like to illustrate my claim by concrete cases – from many similar ones I have selected two clients, whose development I have been following for years.

Case 1

The first case is that of a middle-aged man who visited me at the beginning of my counseling practice in 2013. I will not go into detail, but will describe briefly the chronological development and how the client gradually recovered from his health problems.

In 1993, in the most serious stage of his chronic illness, the doctors told him that he had only 14 days to live. When he first came to me many years later, he was diagnosed with immune-complex vasculitis, has suffered for years from chronic inflammatory bowel disease manifested by watery stool with blood 6-8x per day, took Prednisone and other drugs daily. Furthermore, he had been experiencing great fatigue, insomnia, irritability and periodically occurring migraines.

We communicated during consultations every two months, when we also changed the dosage according to the development of his condition. The problems gradually almost subsided during the first months of autopathy prepared from body information, when he made his preparation from boiled breath, boiled saliva and stool. The defecation was fine and he gradually stopped the medication. The migraines appeared now and again during the first year.

After a year of using autopathy, I recommended autopathy only from Prana, at least once a month, or more often if needed, to improve his psychic condition or in case of a developing migraine.

After a few years, he called me twice to tell me that he is “happy”, does sports regularly again, and when anything is starting to go wrong, both mentally and physically, he makes himself a preparation from Prana 5, which helps him. He uses dilutions over 15 l, with the proviso that it will change according to the overall development of the condition.

Case 2

A man in his forties, who first consulted me for the first time less than 5 years ago, and since then we have been in regular communication at consultations at least twice a year.

His initial condition was completely different from the current one. He told me at a consultation a week ago that when he looked a few years back, he felt like a new person now.

When he first came to see me, he said that he has been on sick leave for some time. He has been suffering from psychic problems and insomnia, could not sleep without medication. His physical condition was poor as well: chronic tingling in his arms over his biceps to his palms and fingertips was affecting his fine motor skills, there was a loss of sensitivity in the foot area of the left leg. Doctors eventually told him that it was probably multiple sclerosis, which worsened his psychic condition even more. Years of pain in the groin and genitals were another problem, as well as common headaches and anorexia.

His path to health was not easy. Already at the very beginning, we have managed to improve his overall condition to a tolerable level. We focused on a combination of boiled saliva and boiled breath. In the course of about 3 years he used various autopathy procedures from breath, with boiling and without,  with potencies up to 300 l. He felt psychically relatively well, his physical condition was significantly better than at the beginning of the treatment, but some of the problems still bothered him. Nevertheless, he has been experiencing his best period since the last summer, when we decided after a long period of procrastination, to prepare autopathy from Prana. At the consultation a week ago he looked really happy, and most importantly, for several months now, he has been free of the recurring chronic physical problems of the past years. And so also in this case, the preparation from Pana 5 has helped the client to enjoy life again.


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