Immediate relief from menstrual pain

19.6.2013 | Krystof Cehovsky

Woman aged 28 sufferes her whole life from menstrual pain that is the worst in the first two days. Strong pain in the lower abdomen connected with irregular heartbeat and feeling faint. After single use of autopathic preparation from heated breath dilluted with 8 litres that she took in acute …

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Thyroid gland, psychic condition, dizziness

31.5.2013 | Pavlina Svobodova

I would like to share with you one of the successes of healing with autopathy. It is a case of a friend’s daughter. I will describe everything from the beginning for a better overview of the healing procedure.

She is 16 years old now. She was prematurely born (the turn …

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Presentation from the 5th conference about autopathy

8.4.2013 | Mgr. Veronika Kucerova

Dear colleagues,

My name is Veronika Kucerova. Since 4 years I have a private psychotherapeutic practice in Plzen. I got to know autopathy 3 years ago. I have been experimenting to this day on me and finally I added it to my therapeutic methods that I use in work with …

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Urinary tract

4.4.2013 | Dr. Jiri Trachtulec

I usually start with autopathy according to the following scheme:

First application – non-sterilised saliva, potency according to vitality Second application – sterilised saliva, the same potency, one week later Third application – sterilized saliva, double potency, in one week Fourth application – breath + sterilized saliva, double potency, in… Read more

Lowering of PSA to norm

15.2.2013 | Stepan Robek

I would like to tell you my life story a little unconventionally, more from the viewpoint of my feelings and emotions that accompanied me through the course of treatment. They became inseparable and unforgettable part of my therapy as I experienced it and my wish is that it will be …

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Ulcerous colitis and autopathy

10.12.2012 | Ing. Jan Matyas

Ulcerous colitis, or idiopathic proctolitis, is a serious disease of the large intestine and the anus. The symptoms are diarrhoea mixed with blood, caused by ulcers in the large intestine. It is a chronic inflammation of the large intestine with periods of acute symptoms, and periods of temporary improvements. Current …

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Two autopathic cases

3.9.2012 | Renata Hajna

In Prague, 12. 6. 2012

Dear Mr Cehovsky,

Thank you very much for the certificate for my taking part in the course on autopathy and for all your professional and valuable information, which I got from your lectures and your literature. I want to inform you that I started practicing …

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“…simply miracle.”

14.7.2012 | Jiri Cehovsky

I have exchanged with Mrs. M. the three emails below. Then I asked her if I may publish our email correspondence so that her experiences can help also others suffering of similar problems and she agreed. I have never met her. JC


Dear Mr. Cehovsky,

Please advise me. I …

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A case of holistic self-healing of serious illness

28.4.2012 | L. M.

I had a heavy traumatic experience that I could not master and began to suffer from depression. Without treating it, it got better. Two years later I got an acute psychosis, when I did not recognise my surroundings and had to be treated by electric shocks. This led to a …

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Problems with prostate

19.2.2012 | Vera Vaneckova

Presentation from the IV. Conference on autopathy 2012

I came into contact with autopathy for the first time in 2008, when my husband suffered from a pain in the knee when lifting. He had an appointment with an orthopaedist (it should take place in approximately two weeks), but a physician …

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