New Year‘s Eve theme: female dog, panic fear attacks during storms, fireworks and explosions

28.12.2015 | Liba Vankova |

Cindy, female dog, 8 years, a crossbreed of Border Collie and Flat-Coated Retriever.

Fear of fireworks, explosions, storms. When outside, when something explodes (petards, fireworks), she runs home and does not come when called. She runs across the street, which she usually would not do. When inside the flat, she tries to hide in the smallest room, for example in the bathroom, where she waits until the „danger“ had passed. The reaction is quick breathing and trembling. Sometimes it reached a state, in which she could not control her legs and was in a condition resembling an epileptic fit, with legs twitching, not being able to stand up and looking very scared. Because of this fear, she refused in winter to go out after dark, she stayed in front of the door and would not go further. Because we live in Prague, we cannot avoid these noises the whole of December and they go on increasing in frequency towards New Year’s Eve.

In the past, she got Phosphorus, after which the problems decreased a little (the panic fear of storms and explosions during New Year’s Eve was reduced), but she continued to be afraid of going out.
The procedure in preparation of autopathic dilution used was the same as the one described in the article about the type of preparation from Prana 5 on the server (translation at Furthermore, in the Internet I had also read that in the case of dogs, one has to consider one additional chakra – dogs have supposedly one more mayor chakra, which has strong influence on the other seven chakras and at the same time has a decisive role in the relation of the dog to human beings. This chakra is located between the shoulder blades of the dog and radiates in both directions. Up and downwards.

I always applied the autopathy when the dog was in a relaxed state. I waited, until she lied on her side and fell asleep. I poured a small amount of water into the autopathy bottle, held the bottle approx. 5-10 cm above the dog’s head at around the root of the spine for 2 minutes, and moved the bottle slightly in different directions. After diluting it with the required amount of water, I held the vessel again over the 8th chakra for about 30 seconds. Then I proceeded in 30-second intervals, always with the distance of about 3-5 cm from the body surface, starting with the back side of the body, in the following places:

1) the third eye – between the eyes and slightly above them
2) the area between the shoulder blades (the supposedly “additional” chakra)
3) approx. the middle of the chest
4) the area where the last ribs connect to the spine
5) the area between the hip joints
6) the area above the tail

That is the completion of the back area.

After this under the stomach:

7) the area under the tail
8) the area under the stomach (I have lifted the dog’s leg so I could hold the bottle in the required place)
9) the area of the lower abdomen
10) the heart area – approximately the middle of the chest
11) the 8th chakra – in front of the collar bone
12) the upper neck area, in the bend between the lower jaw and the neck
13) again the area of the third eye, as in the beginning

I have to add that during the first application I was unsure about the location of the dog chakras, so I very slowly and consistently “circled” around the whole of the dog’s body following the described direction – and it functioned. This could be a method for the owners of very small dogs or puppies, who, as I can imagine, could be somewhat unsure about the locations of the individual chakras.

9. 12. 2014 – AD (autopathic dilution) Prana 5, 1,5 litre
In the afternoon before the application, someone fired a firecracker at about 50 m distance from us. We just left the house, but had to return home – she refused to go. About one hour later, we went out again. We had to go in the other direction, the opposite one to the source of the noise. But there was an explosion somewhere in a larger distance and from this moment onwards, she pulled back home, she did not even pass water. When we got home, her back legs gave in, but she did not get a fit.

Applied AD Prana 5, from 1,5 l water. One hour later, we tried to go out again, and in spite of the increasing darkness, we walked about 100 m, where she relieved herself.
In the days that followed, there was no problem to go out with her after dark, sometimes she hesitated a little, but at the end, she went without great persuasion.
During the following days, it twice happened that fireworks could be heard in the distance – the first time she started for home, but without panic, she looked back, if we go as well, and she waited for us without problem before crossing the road. When we reached the house door, I tried to go in the opposite direction – and the walk continued without problems. During the next fireworks, she only looked attentively in their direction and quickened her pace a little. Then, although the fireworks continued, she relaxed.
There was also a situation, when several firecrackers were fired quickly one after the other near our house, when we were inside. There was a startle response (but also from me and our second dog), however, this time without the subsequent fear, no quickening of breath, no tremor.
During the last (evening) walk before the increase of potency, she even decided herself, where to go (before this, she went where we did and did not start any larger actions).

Other new manifestations: increase in sleep, itching of skin (detoxication?)

14. 12. – AD Prana 5,3 l
Increase of potency to 3 l.

15. – 16. 12. Increased resistance to going out, wanted to return home, but without any panic reaction. When there was an explosion nearby, she would start for home with a trot, but when we changed the direction, she would willingly go with us.

From 17. 12. After a slight temporary worsening she became calm again, relaxed outside in the evening, we increase gradually the duration of the evening walks without any problems.

23. 12. I have to say that my dog is doing very well, right now, we are in our country house in the Sough of Bohemia and Cindy became an initiator of night hunting expeditions on martens and cats. Last year at this time she would during such expeditions only cover the second dog’s the back from the doorway. Therefore, I have to say, that the fear of going out at night was obviously definitely gone. Since the last application of AD, we have not undertaken anything else.


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