The message from London: A problem of conceiving a baby

23.4.2015 | Iva Marcantonio |

This lady had a problem of conceiving a baby. After 1 months of Autopahic treatment she felt pregnant. She also has alopecia and irritable bowl syndrome as well as many other chronic problems. We started on autopathic preparation from prana, application on 7 and  6 chakra on 1,5 litres. Gradually went up, now on 3,5 litres. She now  has growing hair on the patch of hair loss.

Iva Marcantonio – autopathic practicioner in London UK

A message from the client:

I met Iva on holiday and we spoke briefly about AP which really interested me. When I got back to London we stayed in contact and due to Iva’s compassionate soul and her passion in AP I decided to ask for her help to get into it too. My husband and I have been trying for a baby for 18 months with no luck and we were even told by health professionals to consider IVF. Anyhow I started on 1.5 litres and did this every few days for around five sessions then for the next few sessions I moved up a litre. So far I have done a dozen of sessions and they are beyond powerful. I feel really positive and I started to get many pop ups. I feel that my relationship with my husband became closer and happier and in less than a month I have managed to concieve and now my husband and I are over the moon with my pregnancy. We both know that AP prana really cleared alot in me and made it all happen of course accompanied with prayers and god will. I would recommend AP to anyone in this world as it makes you know yourself and your body more clearly and it really gives an inner strength.









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Baby conceived under autopathic influence born in November:






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