Chance for a new life (a case of depression)

6.6.2015 | Marie Tajslova |

From the conference on autopathy 2015

I wish you a good day with autopathy. I would like to share with you what I would call a very unusual experience from my practice. Usually, the client visits me or phones me. This time, a woman, 69 years old, was brought to me by her relatives. She suffered from strong depressions, did not sleep for almost a month, she could hardly stand, did not communicate, her eyes had a glassy look. Today I know that she was not aware of this visit to me, her mind was not present at all.

Date Consultations Comment Doses
14.7.2013 Alenka’s (the client‘s name) sister told me that according to the information from her son, Alenka had not slept since one month, she aimlessly walks back and forth around the house all the time. The son is worried that his mother will go somewhere and will not know how to get back. Currently she takes three kinds of anti-depressives, 2 kinds of sleeping pills, medication for high blood pressure, cholesterol, blood, diabetes and pain relieving drugs for rheumatism. During her last check-up with her family doctor, she got prescription for new, stronger, sleeping pills, nothing more. I am always very careful when suggesting autopathic doses in unclear cases.  I often use only small potencies. I therefore advised Alenka’s sister to prepare the AD (autopathic dilution) for Alenka and I gave her all the necessary instructions for preparation for another person (mouth cover, latex gloves, etc.). 3x a dayC5


15.7.2013 Alenka’s sister called me asking me for an advice – since the first application of AD the day before, Alenka kept on sleeping, sleeping, sleeping. She had woken her up to give her a new application of AD, after which Alenka fell asleep and continues sleeping. Her sister was worried about her and also was not sure what to do about the regular medication that Alenka should be taking. I assessed this as a good beginning, in which the healing process certainly started. Concerning the medication, I advised her to consult her family doctor. Continue with C5 Korsakov, 3x daily.
16.7.2013 The next day, Alenka called me herself! That she slept wonderfully and that her sister had told her about the consultation with me. She would like to use more AD to sleep some more. Her family doctor had agreed with leaving out 2 kinds of antidepressants and both medicaments for regulating sleep. I saw this as a good development and suggested: 2x daily C5 Korsakov and a consultation in 14 days.
28.7.2013 The following 14 days Alenka phoned me almost every day, with long, sometimes nonsensical speeches. The problem was probably caused by the fact that when Alenka got better, she returned to taking antidepressants, which only complicated and hindered further development.
During the first conscious visit, Alenka already looked like a „whole being“. But! It still was not possible to carry out a detailed initial interview – she does not register her disorders (the high blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.), but since the death of her husband since 30 years ago, she feels to be a burden to everyone,  not needed by her children and her son’s family, where she lives.  These feelings increase over the years. She has a strong need to feel responsible when others are not doing well, that they have enough money, that they are happy, etc. …She strives to work as much as possible for her son and his family, but with years her strength decreased and the feeling of being a burden grew and overshadows other physical pains. With some intuition, I assessed the situation and concluded that her body will be strongly blocked by the medicaments. Every second day 3x C5 Korsakov, then 3x C10 Korsakov,
3x C15 Korsakov. After this ½ l, already with an autopathy bottle, boiled saliva every second day. Consultation will take place in 3 months, but earlier, should problems occur.
8.10.2013 During September and October Alenka called me several times that she has now the opposite problem. She wants to sleep all the time, but feels guilty that she had not been working as much as she would have liked to.
6.11.2013 She called me that she wants another “magic” autopathy. She started to sleep – happily and without guilt. She has more energy, has been working more. But!!! She is aware that she has to work also for herself, not only for others. This is a real progress!
28.11.2013 A very different woman than the one 4 months ago came to the consultation. Her sister had arrange for her to move to an acquaintance, also a widower, far away from her children. She is determined to move to him to test it now, but she sees this as a big life chance, a chance for a new life. New autopathy bottle – 1 litre, non-boiled breath, every second day.
29.1.2014 I have not heard from her for two months. Then she called me that she has been losing her trust in life and life energy again. I have assessed this as a relapse. Increased to  1,5 l non-boiled breath, every second day. Consultation after 2 months.
21.5.2014 Not before 4 months she came to me for a consultation – she stated that she realized her plan and moved to her male acquaintance, is happy and has regained her strength. Her doctor reduced her medicaments, leaving only one, which she should take only when necessary – but she did not take it up to now. She came to ask me if it would be possible to extend the doses of autopathy to longer intervals, as she does not have so much time anymore – she has to live her life. I agreed with her feeling and recommended gradual extension of intervals between applications. New autopathy bottle: in the first month 4x, second 3x, third 2x. Each time 1, 5 l non-boiled breath.
She skipped the consultation again; she prefers to catch up with life.
2.1.2015 I invited her for a consultation. She came very satisfied, conscious of the fact that her life will be such as she makes it – however! Dissatisfaction appeared again after all – she has been solving her relationship with her brother in law. She did not think about physical problems at all. It seemed to me as a relapse. She is concerned again about others rather than herself. New autopathy bottle, 3 l non-boiled breath. First month 4x, second 3x, third 2x.
6.1.2015 I received SMS from her: ‘Many thanks for everything. I don’t know why other people don’t all also use autopathy. So would living be easy for everybody.’

Therefore, to conclude, I share Alenka’s view that autopathy is a chance for life – not only for an individual, but also for humankind as a whole.


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