Application of autopathy against American gooseberry mildew

7.8.2015 | Tamara Krejcarova |

During the last 10 years, all gooseberry bushes in my father’s garden were affected by the mildew and were in a very bad shape. They were brown and shrivelled and they gradually died, because my father did not do anything about it.

Three years ago, I inherited the garden and after having carried out the most important cleaning work, this year I turned my attention to the health state of the plants, which we want to keep. Because last year I already made an experience with healing balcony plants with autopathy, I selected autopathy as the first choice again.

I admit that I simplify the use of autopathy, but the results show that everything is functioning as it should. I applied autopathy in the first week of May, after the blossom, when the first fruits appeared. Of course, they were already covered by the brown mildew.

Tools: 3-5 l water canister that I filled with water the night before and let it stand without closing it to allow the chorine to evaporate, a tea-light, a larger empty pill bottle sterilized in boiling water, pliers and matches.

web_angrest_cervc_2015_1I took one piece of the gooseberry fruit and a leaf covered by the mildew, put it in the pill bottle, poured water from the water canister over it and holding it by the pliers I held the bottle over the burning tea-light. It is necessary to find a position in which the candle does not smoke and the water gets warm. As soon as it started boiling, I counted to ten. I poured half of the water from the water canister to a watering can with a “rose”, adding also the boiled preparation and finally the rest of the water from the water canister, so that the contents mixed well. With the watering can I then sprinkled the bushes as thoroughly as I could. After this, I did not get a chance to visit the garden again. In July a got a surprise. My sister visited the garden after a long illness and the first thing that she told me over the telephone was a question: ‘Have you per chance treated the gooseberries with that autopathy of yours?’ After then years of lingering, the gooseberry plants have borne beautiful fruits, 2 cm in size and of wonderful taste. See photo.

I still found some scabs on several fruits, but it was no longer mildew, but hard skin. Because the mildew could survive on the bushes until the next year, I plan to repeat the autopathy treatment again in the autumn, towards the end of September. On the photo, you can see the result of autopathy, only after a single use. Nature can help itself very well, when you make it possible for her.


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