Dominik, 15 years – asthma

29.5.2011 | Ivana Klimova

This contribution was presented at the III. Conference about autopathy in Prague, 29.1.2011.

He visits a high school, is dyslexic and functions slower. He plays a hockey in a sport club, 2-3x a week travels to a training from Brno to Jihlava. He has a match almost every weekend. In …

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Fatigue syndrome

2.3.2011 | Zuzana Vitova

My case started twenty years ago. I was married and had two small children. I was permanently tired. All people told me that it is normal and when the children get a little older, it will be better. Children grew, but my tiredness remained. I was desperate, because in the …

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Autopathy and treatment of autistic spectrum disorder

11.1.2011 | Denisa Kubesova

A boy, 10 years old today, from 1st non-problematic pregnancy, birth post-term through caesarean section. Fully breastfed 4 months.


Motoric development – normal (he lifted his head soon, crawled at 6 months, stood at 9 months, walked in 10 months, from 3 years onwards could ride a bicycle, drive …

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Cases of Parkinson disease and multiple sclerosis

3.11.2010 | Stanislava Polakova

Parkinson disease

Man, 82 years. Initial condition: Parkinson disease in advanced stage, the man no longer communicates with his environment, sits apathetically with mouth ajar, hands and sometimes the whole body are strongly shaking, loses weight, swollen lower extremities, takes a large quantity of medicaments.

Application 1, May 2006 – …

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Autopathy and renal colic

14.9.2010 | Mgr. Zuzana Landergottova

My husband suffered since his youth with renal colic. In the course of his 58 years he suffered four or five attacks. I noticed that he always got the attacks when he was in a stressful situation.

Before examination at the university, during the army service, then in his first …

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14.7.2010 | Lenka Schwarzova

I want to share with the people who read these lines my story about the astonishing effects of autopathy. I have been working professionally with autopathy already 6 years and apply it of course on myself with breaks of various lengths since 3 years, when my husband suddenly died in …

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A middle-aged woman with Lyme disease

3.5.2010 | PaedDr. Miriam Pirselova


In November 2008 a woman came to me who had various problems. She mentioned Lyme disease as being the most serious one. She had a difficult life, her husband died when her children were still small. She tries to help everybody, cannot say no. She has pain in …

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Ruptured ovarian cyst – an acute autopathic case

15.4.2010 | Marie Jarosova

The patient with a ruptured cyst was hospitalized with strong pains. To reduce the terrible unbearable pain that did not cease even though complete rest, she received overnight an infusion of Algifen via an intravenous line.

Overnight the pain ceased, but got stronger again in the morning. In the morning …

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A cure of dumbness and treatment of effects of paralysis

27.1.2010 | Lenka Schwarzova

I practice autopathy since the year 2004 (when I was for the first time in your lecture) with my whole family and professionally since the year 2006. I also work with psychotronics and am occupied with detoxification and toxins in the organism.

It is psychotronics that helps me to determine …

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Experiences with autopathy

29.11.2009 | Dagmar Bartosova

In May 2005 I have for the first time prepared an autopathic dilution from 3 l. At that time I had an insoluble problem with choking cough and raspy sound when breathing and also insomnia because of the continuous coughing. I had this problem already about 4 years and it …

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