Secondary epilepsy following bacterial meningitis

3.2.2015 | Dr. Martina Kormundova |

Contribution from VII Conference on autopathy, 31st of January 2015 in Prague

A young man, 24 years, suffers from epilepsy of the type GM since his 12th year of age, when he had acute pan-sinusitis – i.e. inflammation of the maxillary, frontal and ethmoidal sinuses, complicated by inflammation of the meninges (the protective membranes that cover the brain and spinal cord).

As a child he had been often ill with reocurring catarrh of the upper respiratory tract, frequent anginas and sinusitis, with repeated sinus puncture. Prescribed were immunostimulants of the type Broncho-Vaxom, Luivac, Ribomunyl, without any larger effect. Diagnosed with inborn immunodeficiency.

One month after the bacterial meningitis arrive persistent tiredness and headaches, two months later, after psychic stress, the first epileptic seizure of the type GM. The seizures occur in various intervals, almost always triggered by sleeplessness, psychic stress, playing computer games…employed were antiepileptic medications such as Depakene (Valproate), Lamictal (Lamotrigine), Rivotril.

The number of the seizures lessened, but the side-effects of the pharmacotherapy were felt as being stupefying, subduing. He has frequent headaches with pain in the frontal area and the back of the head, sometimes accompanied by nausea, blurred vision.

He graduated from a technical high school, but was hindered by his illness, including the impossibility of getting a driving license.

Each seizure is followed by great apathy and malaise lasting the whole day. Feelings of inferiority. Because of his handicap, he is afraid of starting a serious relationship with a girl, he is afraid that he will never find a partner and never start a family. Fear of isolation.

Strong visual impairment – 4,5 dioptres. He is rather a loner, has general lack of self-confidence, is afraid of failure, disappointment and derision, has an older and healthy older brother of whom he is jealous and compares himself with him. He is slower and situations, which require quick decisions, depress and destroy him. He stays at home, is strongly attached to his mother and grandmother.

Because of his handicap, he does not have an occupation corresponding to his education, but rather simple supporting manual work, where he is not subject to pressure.

He likes to play with aeroplanes, makes aeroplane models, is happy at home in his workshop, where he is hindered only by his impaired vision and strong dioptres.

He is brought to me by his mother. I recommend AUTOPATHY FROM NON-BOILED BREATH 1 L 2X A WEEK. Consultation after one month. During this time 2x seizures, but weaker, after the seizure he recovered after 4,5 hours to a normal mental and psychic state, was no longer apathetic the whole day.

Continued with AUTOPATHY FROM NON-BOILED BREATH 2L 2X A WEEK. Consultation after one month. During the whole month he had only one seizure and this after a strong argument with his father, but returned to his normal state already after 2 hours. He feels more free and describes a general increase in energy, vitality and in psychic calmness, he no longer fears his future so much and would like to have a job corresponding to his education.

I recommend AUTOPATHY 3L FROM NON-BOILED BREATH 1X A WEEK, consultation after 6 weeks. He tells me that he had one light absence-type seizure. He is in good mood and believes that he will get rid of the epilepsy completely. The headaches are less frequent, weaker, he feels that he can think and reflect better.

With a new bottle I recommend BOILED SALIVA 1X A WEEK 5L and he starts also a parallel application of AUTOPATHY FROM PRANA 3L. Consultation after 2 months. After the boiled saliva arrived a “virus infection” with rhinitis, 3 days yellow-green phlegm, after this for almost one month clear phlegm. He was aware of the cleansing effect when his sinuses got more free, has a general feeling of clearer perceiving and thinking. After AUTOPATHY FROM PRANA fits of anger till fury arrived, he had the need to scream and to stamp them out, was aware of being freed of the suppressed emotions and anxieties. For 3 days he felt „destroyed“, but after this a feeling of relief and general calmness arrived.

I recommend continuing with AUTOPATHY FROM PRANA and to use of the autopathy bottle previously used for saliva for AUTOPATHY FROM BOILED STOOL – 1X A WEEK 3 L.  After this a strong cleansing process took place, diarrhoea, coughing out phlegm from the lungs – altogether for about 14 days, but he felt lighter, as if that, which had tied and crushed him for years, had loosened itself. Three months without an epileptic seizure – this had never happened before.

I recommended A WHOLE-BODY AUTOPATHY IN THE SHOWER 1-2 MIN1 , down and up along the chakras 1x till 2x a week, according to how he feels. Consultation when required.

After 2,5 months. He describes a general harmonisation and calming, no epileptic seizures took place, headaches only after stress. He goes more amongst people, looks for a new job. He would like to get to know a nice girl, with whom he would share his life. This is one of the cases of epilepsy, improved within not even a year.


1       Autopathy in the shower – the bottle with the water is held first in the 7th chakra and then gradually in all other chakras in the downward direction and subsequently in the upward one to the 7th chakra, where the water is let to flow down the back. The whole of this time (here 1-2 minutes in total) the water flows from the shower into the bottle and the information is gradually potentized (the discoverer of this method is Ing. Jan Matyas).



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