Treatment of serious condition – rejection (liquidation) of a transplanted organ by own immune system

16.2.2015 | Iva Tauchmanova |

Presented in the 7th Conference on autopathy in Prague.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to share with you my experiences in healing with the aid of autopathy. I have undergone a kidney transplantation 8 years ago. Before this, both my kidneys were not functional and I had been on dialysis for some years, which I badly coped with psychically as well as physically.

At the beginning of last year, in January, I felt terribly tired and during the regular check-up in the transplantation clinic I got very bad results. The doctor told me that I am 0,5° from dialysis, and that there is a danger of a complete rejection of the transplanted organ. Thus dialysis again!

A friend of mine told me about autopathic healing, but I did not know details. However, I decided to start with it right away. I felt that it should be good and beneficial for me. And that this is where the road leads me to. Immediately I asked the friend for advice. After having read everything in the web about your experiences, I started practicing autopathy prana 1. One week later, the control tests at the transplantation clinic were somewhat better. And another week later, that is, 14 days after the first use of autopathy, which I applied several times a day in the potency of 0,5 l – prana 1, the results were better again.

I no longer felt so tired, I could hold the autopathy bottle in the 7th chakra for 2 minutes, although in the first week I had a problem to even stand during the application, not mentioning holding the AB (autopathy bottle) above the head.

Also the doctor at sonography told me that they will have to make another examination to decide, if biopsy will be necessary. But there was already an automatic appointment made for me immediately when the seriousness of the condition was diagnosed – rejection of the donated kidney. During the hospitalization, before the biopsy was made, further tests were made and these were even better – total improvement of my condition was ascertained. But the doctors at the transplantation clinic were probably so alarmed by the initial bad results that they did not want to cancel the biopsy and it was implemented. This was approximately three weeks after the first catastrophic results. Thus after three weeks of continual application of autopathy several times a day in the potency of 0,5 l in AB. I did not receive any medication from the doctors, although it was a very serious condition, nor did I receive any other treatment, only autopathy, which of course they did not know in the clinic. The next sonography examination, already the second, shows the same: fully functional organ, with normal function, all flow rates are absolutely in norm, according to the doctors notes it is as in absolutely healthy kidney.

Another three months passed, during which I practiced autopathy daily – prana 1 from 1 l water. Then I was invited to the transplantation clinic for a standard, routine examination, where amongst other things I have learned from the biopsy report written three months ago and conducted in IKEM, which is specialized department for transplantation patients, that the results are negative and that the kidney does not demonstrate any signs of rejection! I was extremely happy and I thanked God and autopathy for the possibility of healing myself!

During the biopsy, which involves taking of a small sample of tissue from the examined organ, I experienced a strong spiritual experience. I want to mention that I am a practicing believer and this was my first such experience. Archangel Gabriel came to me in the surgical room, where he told me that he will watch over me and protect me during the surgery and that he will stop any undesirable bleeding during the extraction of the tissue from the kidney. The practicing surgeon was very surprised, because he checked the wounds made by the extracting needle by ultrasound several times and he loudly expressed his surprise that the wounds do not bleed at all.

I have been continuing practicing autopathy and the results are getting better still:

–        For example, the decrease of the necessary medication by immunosuppressive drugs. The doctor at the transplantation clinic had written in his medical report for the first time that the level of immune suppression is satisfactory, while at the same time I have reduced the doses.

–        The laboratory tests had been repeatedly good.

–        Where autopathy had also helped me a lot was the level of iron – I had problems with it for more than 10 years. Now with the application of autopathy, combination prana 5 the first day and boiled breath third day in the potency of 2 l, a fundamental return close to the norm took place. Before this there were efforts made to arrive at these results with the help of medicaments, but with various unpleasant side-effects and without any improvement.

Now I experience many smaller reverse symptoms, older illnesses. I believe that it is a case of the cleansing of the organism on its way to permanent health.

Autopathy had already markedly helped me also in acute conditions:

–      During the inflammation of the urinary tract I applied 3x a day 1 l prana 5

–      For a burn I have applied daily 3x 1 l and during potencing left the water flow over the affected skin. I gathered the water from the AB in an unused cap, in which I soaked cloth napkins and used them as compresses for the burned areas. See my article published earlier.

Autopathy had helped me in many other things.

I am very much aware that the way to my complete recovery, i.e. to the recovery of the function of my kidneys, will be long. This is my big goal! It is a case of chronic illness from early childhood.

Please keep your thumbs crossed for me, I will keep you informed. I like reading your encouraging articles, which help me a lot and I thank you very much for them!

Thank you for your attention.



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