Autopathy and small burns

1.9.2014 | Iva Tauchmanova |

Hello friends of autopathy,

I would like to share with you an experience I have made that autopathy can be used in an acute state of damaged skin through burns.

One day after the accident before application of autopathy, burn through hot source, direct contact with red-hot metal on a very sensitive place, the inner elbow. The wound festered.


After the treatment by autopathy on the same evening. Used was AUTO Prana 5, 2 litres, which is applied regularly every second day because of chronic problems. A tissue soaked in the potentized liquid was applied on the wound,


The third photo was made on the second day after the treatment with autopathy. It needs to be said that pain accompanying the burn stopped immediately after the first application of autopathy.


The festering ceased after the second application, thus on the third day in the morning.

Today, that is after a week, the skin is totally healed and a sharp observer will notice only a very slight, almost invisible, pink place – there is nothing to make a photo of…

I wish you all wonderful experiences with healing with the help of autopathy.



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