Three cases

2.10.2014 | Miroslava Valigurova |

1. Burnout, tiredness, loss of appetite, lack of strength to change anything, lack of satisfaction in the intimate sphere

A client around forty years of age comes to me with the following problems: since 2 months she has been repeatedly ill, took antibiotics. It started after the vacation, when she suffered psychic collapse from overload. She suffers from back pains in the area of the small of the back, strong fatigue and sleepiness (worse towards the evening), subjective feeling of burnout, exhaustion of the organism. She thinks that she has self-destructive behaviour – too many activities, but cannot ease the speed, although she feels that it is destroying her. She does not know how to stop and to take a rest. At the same time she loathes daily activities (getting up and getting dressed,…) and says that she was not like this before. She is often suffering from strong feelings of disappointment, self- accusations and accusations of others.

She sleeps well, but cannot sleep longer than approximately 6 hours in the morning, and this not even at the weekends, although she would like to.

She was quite healthy as a child, at the age of 19 she had mononucleosis and after this she began to suffer with chronic urinary bladder problems. At the age of 22 allergies started and she was diagnosed with manic depressive disorder. After two years her condition was stabilized and from this time onwards was under control. At the age of 28 she had a benign lump on the breast that was surgically removed (history of breast cancer in the family) and is under medical observation since then.

She used to have inflammations of the middle ear and recurring vaginal fungal infections.

The client states that she would like to know how to relax and to learn how to take a rest, how not to have feelings of guilt and not to accuse others, to feel satisfaction in the intimate sphere, to get rid of people who drain her psychically, to be calmer and more composed.

Recommendation: 1x a day boiled breath (BB) 1,5 l – one week, then every second day 3 l BB, then 4,5 l BB 1x a week, follow-up consultation at the beginning of January.

Follow up consultation after six weeks: The woman comes to me in a very positive mood, she says that she feels very well, that she can relax better, and when something unsettles her, she can calm down very quickly. Now she suffers from occasional stomach pains.

After the first use of autopathic dilution she got short back pains and headaches, but they passed on the same day. On the 6th day after the use of autopathic dilution she had a massage and reports that she experienced absolutely fantastic feeling of relaxation that she never experienced in her life before. After 2nd application 1,5 l BB she got fever of 37,7°C, but it passed itself without medicaments and she got appetite for food.

After 3 l BB she has been getting her menses regularly, before this it was irregular, her ears started to ache (old symptom that soon disappeared) and a cyst appears in the breast.

After the 5th application she observed improvement of her hair condition – it is shinier and does not fall out so much, a light stomach ache reappears.

After the application of 4,5 l BB she feels well, for two consecutive nights slept until 10 in the morning! General feeling of relaxation, she can take a rest and does not feel guilty about it, and according to her own words, she can already slow down, feels warmer (before this she used to feel chilly). Now and again she suffers from abdominal pain and bloating.
She also reports that after further applications of 4,5 l BB, she can solve conflict situations better, she can express her opinion, her appetite for sex and sexual satisfaction returned, pain of the back and joints does not occur anymore, only after sport.

Now she wanted to get rid of the abdominal problems and the cyst in the breast.

Recommendations: 4,5 l boiled saliva (BS), after a week 4,5 l BB, then increase to 6 l 1x a week BB / BS – check-up after 2 months.

Check-up after 2 months: The abdominal symptoms continue, they got better after the increase of dilution. She had undergone a cleansing reaction (rhinitis, cough, fever – it took 4 days and got better itself), after that she had felt a flood of energy.

In the following course of time she got strong mycosis (old symptom), which disappeared 2 days after the application of BS, the pain of the back and joints had ceased completely. She keeps reading a lot, she is interested in her own person, psychically she continues to feel very well.

 2. Crohn’s disease, insomnia

A young woman – fragile, has dark rings under her eyes, she suffers with diarrhoea containing blood and mucus 5 – 6x a day, which gets worse in the spring and the fall, during stress situations; she must go to the toilet in the night, or in the evening after the dinner, she gets strong spasms and abdominal pains after eating, the pain paralyses her, sometimes she cannot move at all for several minutes. Her diet is limited, she absolutely cannot stand coffee in the morning. In the evening she suffers from bloating with spasms, sometimes she does not reach the toilet in time – the medical diagnoses is Crohn’s disease and ulcerous colitis.

Due to these problems she was hospitalized several times, got infusions (nutridrink), weight 41 kg.

Additionally, she gets hematoma on her body and takes medicines for this. Had strong scoliosis (had to wear corset for 10 years), suffers from pains in her whole spine, sometimes during blockage of the cervical spine the pain shoots into her head so that she had lost consciousness several times – the condition requires surgery. But she tries to exercise. After having given birth, occasional involuntary leakage of urine.

Insomnia – in the last months she has been sleeping approximately 2 hours a day, she has problems with falling asleep, falls asleep not before half past three in the morning.

Strong headaches approximately 2x a month – they last approximately 6 hours – stabbing pain in the temples, she takes many medicaments, but they do not help, during the headache attacks she cannot hear or see anything, she cannot sleep, does not vomit.

Problems and lack of satisfaction in her partnership – she does not specify further.

She has a 2 year old daughter, the pregnancy was according to her words the best time in her life.

As a child she was often ill – anginas, recurring inflammations of the lungs, from 13 years of age scoliosis in an advance stage (corset), from 17 years of age diarrhoea, lost 33 kg, diagnosed with chronic colitis and anaemia. At the age of 23 strong inflammation of the pancreas.

From the age of 26 hematomas on her body without an obvious cause (perhaps it is a reaction to the medicaments, which she takes for her intestinal problems), she is under observation at haematology, improves after medication, but the problems do not cease completely.

Recommendation: 3 l SB (boiled saliva) – 1x a day – 2 weeks, then 3 l SB every second day – 2 weeks, then 4,5 l SB 1x weekly, follow-up consultation after 6 weeks.

Follow-up consultation after six weeks: She feels generally very well, is happy that she has finally the strength to devote her attention to her daughter, stool is with autopathic application of 4,5 l SB 2-3x a day already without blood and only occasionally contains mucus, it is not normally formed but also not runny. She has more energy and gained 2 kg in weight from the beginning of using autopathy. Immediately after the use of the 1st dilution she has been sleeping very well, has no problems with falling asleep. She does not have dark circles under her eyes anymore and looks much better. Problems with her partner continue, but she does not want to talk about them.

The course of healing: At the beginning she immediately noticed improvement in sleep, but passing stool got worse and more frequent, after applications of autopathy every second day improvement took place, after increasing the dilution to 4,5 l weekly the stool regulated itself. Pains are only occasional when passing stool, but weaker and according to her own words bearable, they do not paralyze her anymore.

She also reports a decrease in the intensity of the headaches – now she copes with it without taking medicaments, which was not possible before using autopathy. The blockage of the cervical spine did not return, but the pack pain connected with scoliosis continue.


4,5 L BS / BB 1x a week – till the expiry of the old Autopathy Bottle, then, when starting a new Bottle, increase to 6 l BS/BB 1x a week.

The client did not come for the next consultation, but told me on the phone that she continues to feel very well: she passes stool twice a day, has much energy – now it is 9 months since the beginning of the treatment.

 3. Recurring vaginal mycosis and herpes, throat ache, migraines and sleep problems

The client has recurring problems with herpes on the genitals that mainly appear before the menstruation, at least 5x a year, accompanied by symptoms of itching till burning, at the same time she even has fever with shivering, the problem usually lasts 5-7 days. Additionally she has been suffering from vaginal mycosis – approximately 1x a month, but the feeling of itching is more frequent. She also suffers from vaginal bleeding after sex. Since her 5th year of age she has been having migraines – the pain lasts now always 10-14 days uninterrupted, she takes medicaments, but they do not help very much. Approximately once a month the client suffers from throat ache, in the summer more frequently. Since 7 years she has been sleeping badly – has nightmares, wakes up several times at night, and then she has problems with falling asleep again. She has fluctuating blood pressure and suffers from flickering in front of her eyes. The client would wish to be less frequently ill, would like to have a child (the first child after IVF at the age of 32 in third try).

As a child she has been suffering from recurring inflammations of the urinary bladder, since 5 she suffers from headaches, since 12 from painful menstruation. Mycoses started approximately when she was 16 and the herpes started to appear about 10 years ago.

I recommended alternating boiled saliva (BS) 3 l and boiled breath (BB) 3 l 1x a week.

Follow-up consultation after 6 weeks: Right at the beginning of using autopathy her sleep got better, but in the last week it started to get worse again (a sign that the potency needs to be increased), the whole time she did not have any mycosis, nor itching – she says that she is without these ailments the longest time ever, herpes did not appear and the bleeding after sex had stopped! On the 3rd day after the first application she had a throat ache and white tongue for one day, but it disappeared again (an old symptom), then the throat ache stopped, although it was in the summer, when the throat ache used to be frequent. The flickering in front of her eyes appeared only once, when she drank too little. She also stated that she did not feel as ill as before while menstruating. The headaches did not occur again.

I suggested the increase of potency to 4,5 l BB, then after 14 days 4,5 l BS, then after 14 days 6 l BB and to wait, consultation after three months.

The client continued to feel very well, the sleep corrected itself, the mycosis appeared only once for 1 day, the itching had stopped 2 hours after the application of 6 l BS (again an old symptom), since then also the mycosis stopped. A feeling returned (shivering, itching) as in the beginnings, but the herpes did not arrive – she did not have it over 4 months! The throat ache stopped, headache comes only rarely and of lower intensity, it lasts maximum one day.
I left her with the same potency and alternating of BB/BS 6 l 1x very 14 days.

During the next consultation after 3 months the client states that she is pregnant – IVF was successful on first try (before autopathy on third), and although she belongs to a vulnerable group, psychically she feels very well, she occasionally suffers from pregnancy sickness and takes homeopathic remedies, which help her.

At the moment, because of the IVF, she is applying every day a gel in her vagina and herpes on genitals appeared, but disappeared again within 2 days after application of 6 l BB. She is more nervous and tired.

I have recommended an increase in potency to 9 l BB 1x in 14 days.

Consultation after three months – the client had a car accident, since then she has been suffering from a blockage of the cervical spine. The tiredness and nervousness got better, but mycosis had reappeared again (we give BS again). During the application of the vaginal gels (because of IVF) she got herpes again, which disappeared within 2 days after autopathic application. Now she no longer applies the gels and the herpes had not appeared again.

Diagnosed with ureoplasma (old symptom). She sleeps well, is not bothered by throat aches or headaches. She decided not to work the whole day, but to take it easier, has an appointment for an amniotic fluid test.

I recommended increase of the dilution and the reintroduction of BS, with 10,5 l SV, in one week 10,5 l BB, then in one week 12 l BS, then one week later 12 l BB and to wait. Consultation in the middle of September.  The client told me on the telephone that the results of the amniotic fluid test were good and that she feels very well.


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